There are numerous ICOs on the market appearing every day, and now with the legalization of marijuana in the United States and Canada – many of them are focused around cannabis and hemp. That is why it is important to research into a new ICO focused on THC prior to investing into it. Because not all ICOs, platforms or tokens are created equally.

What Is Nuvus?

The Nuvus platform is focused entirely around THC and cryptocurrency and is attempting to merge the two industries together. And this is mainly aimed at cannabis and blockchain technology solutions. They are easily two of the fastest growing sectors in the world and developed interested in either sector stand to make a lot of money while at the same time delivering lots of value to the world. Part of the most important solutions include the ecosystem built around the supply chain verification. And that is why the blockchain has become such an integral part of the cannabis industry, it ensures the validity of transactions the parties involved.

To make this happen, Nuvus will combine the trustless trust platform and distributive ledgers with a specific focal point being on agriculture. The primary directive will be to initiate more growth for the cannabis sector, which has shown to have more potential for increase then nearly any other sector in the world.

How Does Nuvus Work?

With the blockchain being applied to the cannabis sector, growers, distributors, retailers, processors, and doctor will all benefit due to the full transparent access they will get the cannabis supply chain. And with increased methods of verification of products, great value will be added to the industries of THC and Hemp.

The honest and transparent nature of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will give all involved parties the ability to see the exact potency of a strain, its ratings, types and other potential health benefits a strain may offer. Along with that, users will also be able to see the negative aspects of a strain as well, so there is no chance of hiding something negative about a strain from anyone who is interested in knowing.

This will save a lot of time for everyone, and in addition help with the research industry related to cannabis as well. The technology has the ultimate potential to become the most important technology in regard to cannabis after it has been grown and cultivated.

And if this all is accepted at a global level, there will instantly be billions of points of data given to the supply chain, in addition to what already exists. It will likely consist of useful information for growers, distributors, users, and medical practitioners – helping them properly diagnose and prescribe the right medicinal cannabis for the right problems. Currently, a majority of the supply chain is controlled by a small number of massive entities. And the data is notoriously subject to data tampering, manipulation and fraud. It ultimately slows down the aspect of cannabis that are associated with it helping people from a medical standpoint, such as research into it or treatments for different ailments.

The project led by Nuvus will give more information to parties involved in the growth, distribution and research of cannabis. This will be accomplished via an open sourced ledger that is operated on permission-based technologies. And those targeted by the new technology will be the important key players in the cannabis industry, such as: master growers, doctors, scientists, universities, and interested tech companies. The data that is accumulated and distributed will help guarantee patients and practitioners get the most out of legalization of medical marijuana.

About Nuvus ICO

The platform will use the GET Token, based on the ERC20 standard, with GET being short for Global Exchange Token. The token is going to be used for the verification of quantitative and qualitative data being collected. Data collected with this method will then be used for analytics and other research, allowing the process to flow more efficiently than previously able and all related details will be recorded and easily viewed to improve the supply chain.

Anyone who uses the system will be able to benefit from the blockchain that will give users real-time, authentic, and highly accurate feedback. To further guarantee that all transactions and data are kept transparent, anyone participating will be rewarded for quality, accountability, and timeliness during the diagnosis process.

Who Is Behind Nuvus?

The team is composed of more than thirty different members of Nuvus and outside advisors who are helping to ensure the project is moving forward at a decent speed. All of the members of the actual team and the advisors as well have verified LinkedIn accounts and can be researched by anyone who is interested. The team seems to be highly trustworthy and ready to truly help the industry move forward.

Nuvus In Conclusion

The cannabis sector is growing at an amazing rate. And more so in the recent years and months than ever before. And regardless of the fact that the industry is only a few years old, it’s still an amazing growth rate when compared to any industry. The legalization of cannabis is growing rapidly as well and about to go far above the 75% mark. Not only that, but there is an expectation that federal authorities will remove the classification of marijuana being classified as a schedule one drug. After this, all of the rules written at the federal level will require compliance by all involved states.

And just like most businesses, the standard set by involved parties for the purpose of certifying data related to cannabis will be absolutely needed. Nuvus also has the goal of being one of the first platforms to offer viable solutions that will help verify and standardize data in the cannabis sector. It will also help to improve transparency is kept on the platform and that the flow of data is immutable via the distributed ledger used on the system. This will also position Nuvus with a firm role as a leader in the cannabis sector, who can be trusted – giving it the ability to thereby influence any potential changes that are going to occur or laws that ill be passed.

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