Blockchain technology is one of the most innovative inventions man has ever come up with, and now it has made an impact on the healthcare industry. The overall concept for blockchain is to disrupt our healthcare by solving some of the most challenging issues that plague the industry. It is common knowledge that a common database for health information could have an underlying effect on our electronic medical systems. Additionally, the technology could provide much needed security and efficiency within the system. Luckily, blockchain technology is already showing potential in its adoption and implementation within our system. NWP Solution is one such venture on course to evolve the health sector over time.

What Is NWP Solution?

NWP Solution is a healthcare platform that will improvise smart devices and blockchain databases onto a single network from where healthcare providers access the data services. The platform will work on advanced technologies such as AI, blockchain technology and data security to offer users the chance to solve their healthcare or that of their loved ones.

Users will get to join in and participate in health research and development projects by providing data for the participating companies. The use of blockchain technology will ensure authentic information for the participants to help them solve the analytical tasks on healthcare data. In short, NWP solution will work to optimize the costs and efficiency of several aspects within the healthcare sector such as insurance, drug equipment and the value of the obtaining the health procedure.

How NWP Solution Blockchain Healthcare Network Works

  • EHR systems- The Electronic Health Records will allow for a distributed database of healthcare knowledge by saving up all the information on the blockchain
  • Big data solution- as a provision to tackle the large volumes of health data, Big data will be in use to allow for a less complicated procedure of noticing health trends within the data.
  • Diagnostic solution- once the healthcare providers receive a patient data, it goes through an artificial diagnostic answer to enable more comfortable identification
  • Healthcare AI- AI technology will allow to easily organize and identify the healthcare information.
  • Healthcare providers- NWP Solution will offer healthcare practitioners the chance to contribute and gain from the health information ecosystem.
  • NWP app- for everyone with a smartphone they can access the NWP app and manage their medical records on the go.

NWP Solution Pros

Better patient records management- unlike the traditional system, NWP Solution offers an entirely new longitudinal patient information through blockchain technology and consequently assist them in delivering better healthcare

  • Medical research- mismatching or duplication often ends interfering in the outcomes of medical research. With NWP Solution, patients will provide the real-time data on their health records which will result in authentic research outcomes
  • Insurance claims- the validation in use with blockchain technology allows for automatic verification on the network even though there is no central authority
  • Interoperability- the use of complex APIs to build the EHR interoperability and make the data storage process more reliable.

NWP Solution NWP Token ICO Details

NWP Solution will be holding an ICO for their NWP token.

  • Start Date: April 30, 2018
  • End Date: June 1, 2018
  • Max Tokens For Sale 70,000,000 (7% of total)
  • Accepted Forms Of Payment: BTC, ETH, LTC, Dash, Zcash and ETC

Distribution Of Funds

  • 43% ICO Participants
  • 31% Future Partnership Reserve
  • 15% Team
  • 7% Pre-ICO Participants
  • 3% Advisors & Partners
  • 1% Bounty

NWP Solution Conclusion

While NWP Solution seems to have the potential in healthcare, much of its success will depend on different actions from the population. The willingness of healthcare sector players is the only challenge that NWP Solution will face abut it would not surprise if it transforms the health sector in the future.

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