The NWP solution is a platform that merges databases and smart devices into one network, which enables one to access the services of healthcare as well as quality of life. The platform operates on advanced technologies, especially in data security and artificial intelligence fields.

One of the projects of the NWP solution is a smart bracelet known as NITEWELL, which monitors the health of newborns up to twelve months. By using the bracelet, one is able to assemble data on heartbeat rhythm, entire body temperature, motion patterns, and the entire childcare system environment for his first year. The bracelet is fitted on the child's foot on which the biometric readings are transferred to the parent’s smart phone by use of a server and kept using blockchain.

NWP Solution Token In The Cost of Healthcare

Token Symbol: NWP
Token Sale Starts: April 30, 2018 (9:00AM GMT)
Token Sale Ends: June 15, 2018 (11:00AM GMT)
Token Price: 0,01$
Hard Cap: 70 000 000 (7% of total)

The platform enables users to make sure their health, and that of their loved ones is catered for and the cost of healthcare like insurance, drugs purchasing are favorable.

The owners of the smart gadgets are offered a one-of-a-kind opportunity to ensure their participation in research and development, data provision for enterprises participating in analytical tasks, and provision of block technologies that support integrity, transparency, and safety.

The platform intends to bring together specialists in the medicine field, biology, and ecology with ordinary people who seek improved healthcare services into one community. The platform offers database used for knowledge base storage using blockchain technology. It also provides a token exchange system, which allows interaction on the system in terms of the selling and purchasing of data and medicine, as well as mobile and desktop applications for consultants and users.

Accepted Token

The NWP Solution token is classified on the Ethereum blockchain and is a utility token. Participants can acquire the tokens during the initial Coin Offering in order to use them to pay for services provided on the platform for example drugs and telemedicine. Owners of the token can also receive free Nitewell bracelets if their investments are more than a thousand dollars.

Participants who buy the tokens before the Initial Coin Offering will get an opportunity to exchange tokens with the bracelet at the rate of five thousand tokens for one bracelet. The NWP tokens are not to be used as securities; therefore, holders of the tokens will not be given dividends. Commission that the platform receives is used to purchase more tokens on exchanges. If the quantity of the token in the market is decreased, then the rate of the token will increase. The tokens that are owned by the founders and the team behind the platform will be frozen for a year using smart contract.

Benefits of NWP Solution

Huge Data: The platform offers access to a wide array of information provided through an API interface, which has a function that allows the analyzing of the data available.

Privacy and security of data: The platform uses blockchain technology to solve issues with identity of the users and be able to handle the exposure of the company to cyber-attacks and securing the data of the patients.

Integration with global partners: The platform has a backing with global leaders like pharmaceutical companies and major employers like Coca Cola.

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