Nick Spanos Zap Can Help Sell Data

Nick Spanos Zap Can Help Sell Data

Nick Spanos is the founder of the New York Bitcoin Center, recently made some commentary concerning his new project, called Zap. Zap is a blockchain-based ecosystem that promotes data selling.

Spanos also mentioned that the blockchain provides another feature to data selling, which is verification. The blockchain-based trades that are powered by smart contracts allows buyers and sellers to have higher levels of confidence that the information they are basing their decisions on is true and real. Spanos added that the platform will allow for the sale of various categories of data, such as:

ZAP APIs are currently available to developers so that users can start building applications using the platform. For more detail concerning Zap, there is a full interview of Spanos.

Although the New York Bitcoin Center is now defunct, Spanos has been working hard on various projects for years. In 1970, he built his first computer and then established his first modem when the internet came out. As the internet reached global levels. Spanos worked on building Uber and AirBnB. Currently, he is working on ouring his efforts into Bitcoin and the blockchain based on the belief that they are the next big thing in technology.

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