What Is NYiGDE?

NYiGDE is a blockchain-based ecosystem that works under smart contracts to provide for the automatic conversion of digital assets, and additionally, make it possible for the user to trade good and services using crypto or fiat. Under the NYiGDE platform, the user will get access to a decentralized blockchain marketplace form where they can conduct global e-commerce regardless of their location. In essence, NYiGDE works to unite ordinary customers and online businesses under a unique platform intended to allow for crypto token holders to participate in global e-commerce.

NYiGDE Ecosystem Components

  • Crypto payments- the NYIGDE e-commerce platform provides for the purchase and sale of goods and services by using crypto assets as transaction modes
  • Tokenization- with the integration of the NYIGDE token, users get the opportunity to purchase items on the online stores
  • Mobile application- the NYIGDE platform also offers a state-of-the-art app that facilitates the payment and trade services through their respective devices.
  • Exchange portal- NYiGDE provides a functional automatic conversion option for the different crypto assets offering more dynamics to their e-commerce platform

How NYiGDE Decentralized E-Com Blockchain Marketplace Works

Apart from acting as a direct link between potential customers with e-commerce retailers, NYiGDE hopes also to provide a source of income for the platform. Here are some of the measures that the venture will employ

  • Tariff plans that work to promote the online stores in the search engines and consequently promote the businesses
  • Advertising promotions are available on NYiGDE with banner, goods and market sale options which are payable with the NYIGDE token
  • Commission fees present a source of income to conduct the operation with a rate of 3% for each crypto or fiat asset transaction
  • Under the integrated conversion service, NYiGDE makes it possible for a revenue source with commission fees also present when converting the crypto assets

The NYiGDE Opportunity

For The Buyers

  • Get to purchase goods and services using both crypto assets and fiat currency
  • Remotely buy products and services using the NYIGDE tokens regardless of your location
  • Securely seal deals and transactions using smart contract technology
  • Validate online store details and authenticity
  • A convenient loyalty program that allows buyers to get a 3% bonus by using the NYIGDE tokens

For The Sellers

  • Remotely sell products and services through the decentralized global service
  • Operate loyalty programs and rewards to build interaction with the customers
  • Arbitrage on trade conflicts between sellers and buyers
  • Access statistics on the online store with service packages to promote the businesses

NYiGDE Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Start- 16 May 2018 till 11 August 2018
  • Ticker- NYIGDE
  • Platform- Waves
  • Types- Waves
  • Accepts- BTC
  • Price- 1NYIGDE= 0.00005 BTC
  • Token supply- 100,000,000
  • Sale amount- 70,000,000
  • Bonuses- 20,000,000

Allocation Plan

  • Token sale event- 70%
  • Team, advisors and partners- 15%
  • Reserve fund- 10%
  • Bounty Awards- 3%
  • Lawyers and consultants- 2%

NYiGDE Conclusion

With the current model of e-commerce proving to be less than sufficient, there are plenty of actions that would necessitate users and retailers to use blockchain platforms such as NYiGDE. The significant strides provide for an e-commerce platform that could make a substantial impact across the globe. However, embracing blockchain within e-commerce is a lofty goal as it will rely on the adoption of potential customers and their respective online stores.

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