NYNJA & AMGOO Smartphones Create Blockchain Virtual Operating System (vOS)

NYNJA Partners With AMGOO Smartphones To Administer Mobile Blockchain Operating System (vOS)

Latin America is said to be a beneficiary of a new operating system. NYNJA group, a blockchain operating system and platform developer, together with AMGOO, a smartphone company, plan to issue vOS, the NYNJA virtual operating system. This will be done by pre-installing it in all AMGOO smartphones before they are released to the market.

It’s a first one of its blockchain enabled virtual operating systems. NYNJA vOS will integrate communication and commerce in one platform. The Operating system comes with a communications layer together with a safe payments layer, and a wallet that has several currencies and will be pre-installed in about 150,000 smartphones every month.

The objective of this is to offer excellent communication and partnership and provide Latin Americans access to secure and reliable block blockchain based commerce, transactions, and currencies.

Once employees get enough skills such as data entry experts, designers, translators, virtual assistants, or any other skill they want to carry out, the NYNJA automatically matches them with the skills that best fit their capabilities.

An employee’s work ethics, personal capabilities and their past work performances will be used to constantly improve their profile. The operating system does a search on a huge pool of employee profiles and then automatically assigns the best employee for the best job.

When employees successfully finish their work, they will be rewarded with a NYNJAcoin or “NYN,” which can be used to buy more new apps, extra data, or any other products and services within the NYNJA platform and other digital products within the NYNJA ecosystem.

NYNJA vOS will be availed to millions of existing of AMGOO smartphones customers.

The users will get to enjoy high performance text, video conferencing, project management, voice tools through the NYNJA communication platform. Furthermore, they will access global currencies via the multi-currency NYNJA wallet that holds bitcoin, Ethereum, NYNJA coin, and ERC20- compatible tokens. The two companies have come up with a program to work together with local telecom operators to issue the NYNJA vOS via operator channels in Africa and Latin America.

As part of the cooperation, AMGOO and NYNJA are planning to partner with major telecom operators in Latin America to offer NYNJA users with the first block of data on activation.

This program is set to be launched in December this year, with a pilot program set earlier for Q4. The beta launch of NYNJA Operating system is scheduled to be released in August 2018.

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