NynjaCoin NYN ICO Review

Nynja, found online at NynjaCoin.com, claims to be the first international communications app with a built-in marketplace and crypto wallet. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is NynjaCoin NYN?

NynjaCoin is an international communications app featuring a built-in marketplace and cryptocurrency wallet.

The token sale for Nynja tokens is scheduled to take place in mid-April 2018. The platform is in development by an organization called Nynja Group.

Nynja believes that today’s messaging solutions lack the features needed for a robust digital ecosystem. We have global messengers like WhatsApp, for example, but they lack extensive e-commerce features. More focused and multi-featured solutions like WeChat, on the other hand, offer extensive e-commerce solutions, but they’re only available to a specific geographic area – China.

With that in mind, Nynja aims to create a multi-featured messaging ecosystem that uses cryptocurrencies, a crypto wallet, and a decentralized marketplace to help users and businesses interact with each other on a global scale.

How Does Nynja Work?

The main purpose of the Nynja app is to combine voice, text, and visual messaging with business management and e-commerce features. That ecosystem will be powered by its own cryptocurrency called NynjaCoin. Using NynjaCoin, participants can exchange freelance services and virtual goods, access exclusive content, and earn tokens for sharing and participating in the community.

The first version of Nynja (v0.1 alpha) launched for Android and iPhone in September 2017. The beta version is scheduled to launch on Android, iPhone, and web browsers by June 2018, with a full version (v 1.0) scheduled for October 2018, followed by a version 1.0 release for Mac, Windows, and Linux in December 2018.

Features of NynjaCoin NYN

Some of the basic features, functions, and benefits of the Nynja app include all of the following:

  • Open source platform attracting other developers to create apps within the Nynja application
  • A cross-platform environment available on multiple mobile and desktop operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • A gateway to global e-commerce powered by the platform’s own token, the NynjaCoin utility token
  • Operates its town token for settlement method for on-demand labor and virtual services
  • Users will own their own data
  • Users can communicate in any way they choose, from any device
  • Users can organize their personal and professional lives using Nynja
  • Users can earn NynjaCoins through the transaction of goods and services with other users
  • Anyone can use Nynja for business purposes, increasing productivity among their workforce while eliminating spam and other unwanted intrusions
  • Live, automatic translation will be available, allowing users to complete transactions internationally

Nynja aims to be the first communication app that combines all of the unique features listed above, creating a single, fully-integrated platform. As the Nynja whitepaper explains, “these and other key features make this app a truly unique, first of its kind, cross platform application.”

What Problems Does Nynja Seek to Solve?

Nynja was created to address several perceived problems in the global messaging and telecommunications ecosystem, including:

  • A lack of significant innovation (most of the apps on the market were created between 2009 and 2014)
  • Regional limitations (current available apps are either global but too basic – like WhatsApp – or more elaborate but regionally focused or locked – like Line and WeChat)
  • There are no combined personal and business solutions, and most current apps focus on personal use with some business use, instead of focusing on both
  • There’s no platform for commercialization, and currently available apps do not enable users and entrepreneurs to monetize their existing knowledge and available resources
  • There’s no inherent business model, and current apps mostly depend on advertising for revenue, which puts user data unnecessarily at risk

With these problems in mind, Nynja seeks to create an integrated mobile communications app that allows users to communicate, buy, sell, and trade without language barriers, providing automatic transaction between users in a decentralized cryptocurrency marketplace.

How Do NynjaCoin Tokens Work?

NynjaCoin tokens, or NYN, are Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens that power the e-commerce features on the Nynja marketplace. There’s a total supply of 5 billion NynjaCoin tokens, with 2.5 billion (50%) allocated for the crowdsale. Tokens will be sold at a price of $0.15 USD.

Who’s Behind Nynja?

Nynja is led by co-founders Alejandro Gramont (COO and Board Member), Salvatore Guerrieri (CEO and Board Member), and Marshall Taplits (Chief Strategy Officer and Board Member). Other members of the team include Plamen Minev (CTO) and Peter Sprogis (CFO).

The company lists addresses in Lima, Hong Kong, and New York. It was founded in Hong Kong in November 2016.

The co-founders have an extensive and varied background in international business management. The CEO, Salvatore Guerrieri, founded his current company, Acolyte Industries, Inc., in 1996. The COO, Alejandro Gramont, has 20+ years of international business experience and is fluent in 7 languages. The third co-founder, Marshall Taplits, has a background in VoIP and telecommunications technology, including work at VimpelCom (Russia), Alltel (United States), and Comverse.

NynjaCoin NYN ICO Conclusion

Nynja seeks to create a multi-featured messenger that allows users and businesses to interact with each other in a diverse range of ways. It will allow users to retain hold of their own data at all times. Transactions are completed using NynjaCoin cryptocurrencies.

To learn more about Nynja and how it works, visit online today at NynjaCoin.com. The token sale for NynjaCoin tokens is scheduled for mid-April 2018.

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