What Is Nythro?

NYTHRO seeks to fund the development of a platform that will create an avenue to accommodate transportation by using master cards of their own making. With transportation becoming a delicate aspect of our livelihood, NYTHRO hopes its concept will play a vital role in the industry. However, unlike the typical cryptocurrency, NYTHRO will accommodate a utility token that is stable and will be in use for transportation means as a convenient payment method.

How Nythro Utility Token For Mass Transit Services Works

With the fiat banking system posed to experience an extinction in the future, the crypto world is becoming a better alternative to replacing it. Similarly, NYTHRO will develop their token in line with replacing traditional fiat payment services with a chip-like card that transact based on cryptocurrency.

The usage of the NYTHRO token will go into purchasing transit services at competitive rates and hopes this will enhance the token value. Consequently, this could make fiat currencies or bank services needless for the transfer system. NYTHRO token will see transport sponsors also borrow funds at a lower cost in the form of loans. Token investors, on the other hand, may witness a resulting token value increase through the platform's buy-back clause.

What Nythro Seeks To Acheive

Through the NYTHRO utility token, the platform hopes to achieve the following within the transit service.


Unlike the fiat currency or bank services, NYTHRO offers a non-traceable payment service since cryptocurrency possess the capability to convert the legible user information into entirely uncrack able code.


The NYTHRO token will facilitate transit services for air, land, and sea. And with the digital wallet, there is little need for using different currencies across multiple transportation modes.

Cryptocurrency Trading

NYTHRO expect to develop a trading option for the token, and this will hopefully grow the demand and ultimately the value of the cryptocurrency

Strict Compliance

And in respect to due diligence, NYTHRO prides of expecting to develop a legitimate business framework that will ensure its integrity. The venture hopes to partner with international lawyers and transport companies to achieve this goal.

Nythro Potential Risks

Unknown Team

There is pretty much no information on who is really behind the project, and this raises concerns on whether it's a scam.

Usual Idea

There is nothing unique or exciting about NYTHRO's concept, and at best the platform looks more like a clone ICO.

Many Competitors

The blockchain ICO industry is a hotbed of idea and transportation leads among the different sectors. NYTHRO should expect many competitors, and unfortunately, I would not anticipate it offering any challenge.

Possible Restrictions

Blockchain technology is facing advent challenge of adoption especially in the matter of cryptocurrency. Consequently, NYTHRO could experience the same, and there is no possible prediction if it can outlive future legal battles.

Nythro NTR Coin ICO Details


  • Starts- May 21st, 2018
  • Ends- Jul 24th, 2018

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Ticker- NTR
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Model- ERC20
  • Token supply- 20000000
  • Accepts- ETH, BTC
  • Price- 1 BTC = 16,000 NTR/ 1 NTR= $0.50
  • Hard cap- 20 million NTR

Nythro Conclusion

There isn't much to consider in reviewing the viability of NYTHRO, and at best I would regard it as a less than worthy ICO to waste any time on. The overall concept lacks any value or truth to it, and there is the high possibility it could be a scam.

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