It comes as no surprise that with the crypto boom that is currently being experienced all over the globe, there are now many many companies that have come forth and set up their own ‘online exchanges’. While many of them are legitimate operations, there are also quite a few of them which seem to be a bit suspicious. Thus, when choosing to invest in cryptocurrencies, users are advised to do a thorough background check of the company at hand.


NZBCX is a “fully featured bitcoin exchange-trading platform”, which the founders claim to have built from scratch with the help of individuals who are passionate about bitcoins, and have seen their future potential. The service is based out of New Zealand, a country that lags behind other nations in terms of recognizing the value of certain crypto currencies, and what their future holds.

Additionally, the founders also claim that NZBCX has been put together with a focus on providing users with a platform that is not only highly ‘functional’, but also extremely secure and protected.

Why Choose NZBCX?

(i) Straightforward and Simple:

The company aims to help make Bitcoin trade in New Zealand, simple and easy. The platform is highly secure, and can be used by novices and experts alike. In fact, owing to its simple outlay, NZBCX is the perfect way for potential crypto investors to get started and try out their hands with some BTC.

(ii) Market Trusted:

The platform has been designed and developed in Wellington by members of the bitcoin community. Users are provided with full background details of the operators, and thus one need not worry about handing over funds to a person in some random country.

(iii) Fully Transparent:

In order to promote maximum transparency, all of the company's “trading data” has been made publicly available (so as to help customers see how exactly their trades were matched and executed). In more technical terms, we can see that the “core system” operates through the use of a “double entry book” which makes sure that all of the trades which occur within the network are strictly accounted for.

Who Is Behind This Project?

NZBCX is the brainchild of Dave Seyb and Rob Clarkson. Dave is a Graduate from MIT, and has excelled in the field of software development. From an experience standpoint, he has spent the “last 12 years running exchange-trading platforms in Tokyo”. Similarly, Rob holds a Masters degree in software development and was an early adopter of Bitcoin, having understood the fundamentals and its potential from the very beginning.

Both of the founders are highly accessible, and can be reached via email or phone to help clarify any doubts or concerns one may have regarding NZBCX.

Other Important Details To Keep In Mind Regarding NZBCX

  • Only accounts that can be verified are entertained on this system. The investors id and bank details need to be verifiable in order for any trades to be executed.
  • NZBCX does not accept any 3rd party transfers as means of payment.
  • All of the funds are only credited to the person whose account the original deposit originated from.
  • Cash deposits can not be used to buy BTC.
  • During the verification process, users need to provide the company with their details, as well as the source of their money. Customers are needed to provide a visible ID along with a recent bank statement that clearly showcases their name, address and banking information.

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