Ø Crypto Union: Cross Blockchain Security Token (CBST) Financial Co-Op Launches

New Cryptocurrency Co-Op Offers Its Own Platform and Investment Opportunities

Even with the lack of regulation in the cryptocurrency world, consumers can now consider investing in a cryptocurrency cooperative called Ø Crypto Union. The Crypto Union is a group of members that want to guide crypto in the “right” direction. They all have partial ownership of the company through shares, and they thrive on the concept of versatility in their services.

The Union works with blockchain technology and protocols by using ledgers that maintain transparency. Transactions performed in this space much use the Cross-Blockchain Security Token (CBST). Along with the token, this Union also offers ØPAY, ØINVEST, and ØLIFT.

Even though the creation of this platform has already been announced, they are still waiting until the Komodo Meetup 2018 to present their new company to Neuchatel, Switzerland. The event is to be held on June 23rd, which may help the Crypto Union to establish themselves securely in the industry. They’ll discuss how to use this platform with the fiat and cryptocurrencies, which should support consumers in all areas of the industry.

To learn more details about the way that Ø Crypto Union works and about their startup, they can visit http://ocryptounion.io.

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