O2OPay: The Project that wants to Power the Fourth Industrial Revolution

During the Davos Economic Forum 2016, the topic of discussion was the 4th industrial revolution. This revolution is an innovation that occurred when the online communication and information technologies were used at offline industrial sites and the productivity revolution by O2O.

About The O2O Token

This token was created as the first global 020 industrial token, which is based on a smart contract powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Not only can this token act as a substitute for points and tokens, it can also be used for real-life payments. In short, this token attempts to change the growing problem of lack of practicality in the current crypto market. This coin is going to enhance crypto commercialization by organizing an O2O ecosystem that will be made of the token, smart contract, and a payment method.

O2O Platform

The revolutionary model of the O2O coin in the B2C industrial world is a collection of information using big data technology. This platform will collect data from three billion smartphone sensors following an agreement with users including access to their basic data. The users will be rewarded with O2O tokens.

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The O2O Platform Links Users To Partners

Various nodes are formed in partnership with numerous global O2O service-based companies and a smart contract. After big data is collected via a smart contract from users, that data is processed via an algorithm on the O2O platform. It will offer the company, government, or individual guidance on where the data is needed. The data will be sent to these organizations after getting O2O tokens from them. By doing so, it will help to increase the value of the tokens. The collected data is safely stored using encryption technology of the blockchain.

O2OPay System

For commercial payments using the O2O token, the creators of this project collaborated with the Korean-based VD Pay. The VD Pay system has been facilitating e-commerce payments in China for over a decade. VD Pay unifies WeChat Pay, Ali Pay, and the Union Pay Mobile QR codes. The O2OPay payment system will integrate the O2O tokens QR code into the VD Pay system.

O2OPay And The Internet Of Things Philosophy

The IoT is not a mere connection of things; it is something that establishes a connection between the virtual world and the real world. When you light your lump using a smartphone in the virtual world, the lump turns on in the real world. Purchasing services based on IoT is not common. However, O2O intends to change that. For O2O purchases made online and offline will not have any discernible difference. Thus, the developers intend to create portable IoT devices such as smart watches and combine them with the O2O platform.

The ICO Details

  • Total Supply: 3,432,000,000 O2OTokens
  • Type: ERC20 Tokens
  • Pre-ICO: April 18 – May 3
  • 1st ICO: May 7-May 25
  • 2nd IC: May 30-June 17
  • KYC Requirements: After the final ICO

The tokens will be distributed after the conclusion of the ICO. Tokens can only be sent to Ethereum-based wallets.

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