Oalend Coin OAC ICO

As the cryptocurrency revolution continues to blaze through the entire planet, there are more and more altcoins being released for public consumption daily. Oalend is one such platform that has been designed to make monetary transactions much more transparent and seamless. It is completely decentralized and thus is able to promote investor confidence (as it is not affiliated to any particular organization).

More About Oalend

Oalend is a cryptocurrency that is based entirely within the blockchain. Some of the key features which make it stand out include:

(i) Peer-to-Peer Network:

This technology was initially conceived for data sharing back in the early 2000’s, but since has been applied to payment systems to promote monetary exchanges in a safe and fair manner. Through the use of P2P networks, users have the power to send/ receive money to and from any location within this planet in a completely safe and legal manner.

(ii) Fast and Efficient:

Another advantage of using Oalend is its fast transaction times. Through the use of the crypto network, large monetary transfers can be completed within a matter of seconds. Not only that, there are no hidden costs and fees that are applicable on these exchanges, thereby making Oalend much more appealing than regular bank based payment systems.

(iii) Limited Currency Circulation:

An issue that is prevalent with many fiat currencies is that of inflation and monetary instability. This is because governments have the power to manipulate currency value, thereby making them extremely volatile. However, Oalend circulation is limited to a certain number of tokens, thus eliminating “surge pricing and other inflationary issues”.

(iv) Independent:

As mentioned earlier, this platform is completely decentralized and thus is free from any third party involvement. What this basically means is that Oalend is free of regular restrictions and regulations that are placed by governments, tax agencies and other financial institutions on regular paper based currencies.

How Can I Trade Oalend?

There are a few simple steps that one can follow to start trading this currency:

(i) Registration:

To start things off, customers need to go to the website and register an account with the company.

(ii) Deposit:

A crypto deposit (BTC) has to be then made into ones account so that purchases can be made.

(iii) Oalend Procuration:

Once the funds shows up on our dashboard, we can then proceed to buy Oalend coins at the rate at which they are presently valued in the market.

(iv) Trading:

Once done, we can then proceed to buy and sell these coins to reap profits.

How Does Staking Work With The Oalend Coin OAC Currency?

This method of investment is quite similar to that of trading. To start of with, users need to download the company wallet for their preferred media device(Windows, Linux). An Olacoin deposit then needs to be made to the provided ‘deposit address’. Once finished, users can simply let their funds be and reap an annual ROI of 7% on their investments.

Oalend Coin OAC ICO Conclusion

We have just outlined the different ways to make use of this currency in the preceding paragraphs. For any other queries, doubts or issues, users can get in touch with company representatives either via live chat, or by sending in an email on the address provided on the official whitepaper.

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