OBirum is a browser, which wants to integrate the benefits of the blockchain with a secure and powerful browser. The developers of this project are confident that Obirum will become a leading platform globally for games and apps, with both developers and users reaping the benefits. In future, Obirum is going to provide more APIs that developers and payment units can utilize. Users will be able to quickly and securely interact with financial services and pay with ease on Obirum.

Obirum ICO (OBR Token) Details:

The Obirum Instant Apps

The instant apps will enable native iOS and Android apps to run instantaneously upon launching a URL without having to install the application.

How They Work

When Obirum gets a request for a URL, which matches with an instant app, it will send the necessary code files to the device that made the request. The device will then run the app. Instant apps are a unique way for developers to create apps and for the users to consume them.

Every feature within the instant app will need to have at least a single activity, which acts as an entry point for the feature. The entry-point activity hosts the UI for that feature and defines the user flow. When a user launches a feature on their device, the entry-point activity will be what they view on their device. A feature may have more than a single entry-point activity, but it will only require one.

With the aid of Instant Apps, users will be able to access a single feature of the app without the need to install the app with all the other features. When a user requests a feature from the instant app, they will receive just the code that is needed to run that feature. After users are done with the feature, the system will them dispose of the code for that feature.

The Current Issues

The access speed on most sites is quite slow. Besides that, there is a lot of content, which means users usually have to spend hours searching and picking what matters. When you use another app, the video or the audio does not continue playing. Additionally, there is a lot of malicious advertising on some sites.

Speed is going to be the main priority for Obirum. The developers intend to provide users with fast web speeds and a smooth video playing experience for the users. The browser is fitted with a Suggest Content feature, which assists users to save time and not miss any important news and other high lights. They have integrated AI and Machine Learning into the browser to ensure that users only get access to the content that they like the most.

With external and video hanging, users can go about other activities such as chatting with friends, reading news, and shopping, without having to stop their video. With the growth of the internet, there have also been increased malicious phishing ads on sites. The developers of the browser have incorporated filtering and blocking technology, which helps users enjoy a great browsing experience.

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