What Is Obizcoin?

Obizcoin is a new auto processing system for startups and SMEs network that claims to be the next best thing in the industry. Like all cryptocurrencies on the market, they claim to be the best in the business with the fastest ROI and easy to use bots. By first inclination, the fact that they use bots which I’m guessing are the same as miners are how you make automated money.

They also claim that they have a successful business model with a fast investment return. But from research, its highly unlikely that the return on investment is going to be that fast. For most successful people in the cryptocurrency investors have to spend time and energy to get back good ROIs.

They also carry a minimum guarantee of 1% every month. Even with other startups however, you have to be careful about guarantees and there are a lot of scams out there. They also claim that you’ll start profiting from investing into the company as well. And that once the bots start to take over, you’ll start to make a lot more money without having to work as hard. This is highly unlikely, but lets take a look at how Bizcoin works.

How Does Obizcoin Work?

Like other cryptocurrency companies, they have a structure that claims to be a step above the rest. Claims are easy to make, but you have to be careful as there are also a lot of scams online. Obizcoin still has some time to spend before they can truly be trusted.

Fund Raising

The first stage is the stage that promises the quick ROI. About seventy percent of this is said to be already accomplished through the use of Bots and the development of IP addresses is already taken care of. Then the ICO Ends after this stage.

Bot Development

After this the main development of the Bot starts. This is where they guarantee you’ll start making money ever month and that the development of the Bot will also be completed.

Bot as Service

The final stage is said to be when a buy back begins, and you really start making money, plus there is a profit sharing stage at this point that claims 30% onward from here on out. And the Bot at this point is said to come at a discounted price and the Bots start to get you a bigger ROI on every dollar spent.

The Bot is said to be highly developed and capable of working with businesses through a form improvisation. The process works with direct help from AT and Ethereum Blockchain Technology.

According to the company website, the technology upgrades on its own in a form of perpetual motion. Every day, the Bots are said to increase in intelligence and their ability to process better. They will improve in results and naturally get smarter day by day.

An important note is that every day there must be a process for the Bots to stay intelligent. And if you don’t know exactly what a process is, then you are out of touch with the system. It goes through a process of analyzing, validating, implementing, recording, reviewing, rewarding and finally repeating.

Each Bot works through domain expertise that is said to make the Bots experts in the industry. They analyze all strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. They then begin to track performance and work in an organizational manor.

According to recordings, the Bots make decisions and optimize resources for optimal results. The more processes the Bots go through, the more rewards the Bots receive. They are said to send alerts of all types and help with the organization of the system.

The Obizcoin ICO

Tokens can be bought through website by exchanging Ethereum only. This is a automated Bot processing system and they claim that the 1st stage of Bot IP Development is already 70% achieved. The above Stages are for early ICO investors.

As of now, you get a consulting brand through a parent company known as Mind-A-Mend. It’s a private consulting company that is said to be organized to help the business grow. Through the use of their business processes, and with advanced technology known as YRC, they claim it is an already successful business model. The automation is said to work directly with the Smart Process BOTs that help work through the Blockchain and AI Technology.

Obizcoin is said to be the token sale that is taking the full opportunity of the automated Bot Services. It is claimed to be an ERC-20 compliant token that has been developed strictly on the Ethereum platform.

Who’s Behind Obizcoin?

Varun Shah is the founder and CFO of Obizcoin. Dr, Rupal Agarawal is another founder and CSO. And Nikhil Agarwal is another founder and the CEO. They also have a board of advisors and a handful of team members working on the project.

They are currently in stage one of development which includes aspects of business intelligence and developing databases. It also has to do with the development and coding of the Bots. There is an entire mapping done of all data given and received. The next step of the process will be higher development during stage two.

That is where the Blockchain platform is said to really take off. Stage three will continue on with API configuration and the complete configuration with IOT devices.

Obizcoin Review Summary

If you’re into start ups, cryptocurrency or looking to research something new than Obizcoin could be something you may want to check out. However, be sure to do your research as there are a lot of companies and startups on the market that are said to be exceptional but have nothing to back up their statements.

This is a new company, but could be one that takes off so just keep your eyes on them and be careful before making any large investments into the company. If they do as promised, Obizcoin will likely be a great company to invest in.

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