Obtanix describes itself as the first cryptocurrency backed by real gold. Find out how Obtanix works today in our review.

What Is Obtanix?

Obtanix is a multilevel marketing company that promises to offer cryptocurrencies based on real assets – like physical gold. The company launched in February 2017. You’ll need to pay between $100 and $10,000 to join the company.

Obtanix’s first product is called Xenos. Each unit of “Xen” is backed by 1 gram of 99.99% purity gold. Just like other digital currencies, you can transfer Xenos in a fast and transparent way.

The ultimate goal of Obtanix is to build payment platforms, multi-sig wallets, apps, and other infrastructure to support its ecosystem. However, after nearly a full year of development, Obtanix doesn’t appear to have any working product in place. Like other bitcoin-based multilevel marketing companies, the company seems more concerned with selling memberships than developing any real product or service.

Another red flag is that the official Obtanix.com prominently features Sir Richard Branson and Bill Gates under a heading that says “Investors”. In reality, neither entrepreneur is involved with the company in any way, shape, or form. Obtanix prominently features pictures of these individuals in an apparent effort to mislead users and convince them that the project is well-supported.

Making things worse is that Obtanix refuses to disclose any information about its real management team, where the company is based, or other pertinent info.

Obtanix Features

Ultimately, Obtanix has been on the internet since February, and yet they still seem to be in the pre-launch phase. So far, the company has created its gold-backed digital currency, although it’s unclear if they have any real gold reserves or auditing program in place.

In any case, here are some of the key advertised features of the company:

Value Generation:

Obtanix claims to offer a “powerful combination of direct selling and disruptive & pioneering crypto-currency technology” that “ensures all stakeholders get deep value on their money and investments.” Like many bitcoin scams, Obtanix wants to attract newbies who have heard about the tremendous opportunities within the cryptocurrency space, but aren’t sure where to start.

Experienced Team:

Obtanix claims their management team has a cumulative 40+ years of experience running businesses, including FinTech companies. The team has also held experience in the cryptocurrency space since the early days (again, few details about the management team have been posted online).

Guarded Investments:

Obtanix claims that cryptocurrencies are free from inflation, so your investments are “well guarded”. And, since the investments are backed by real gold, they make “the most sound investment vehicle.”

Direct Selling:

Obtanix has applied direct selling lessons to the world of cryptocurrency.

Pre-Launch Benefits:

As mentioned above, Obtanix has been in the pre-launch phase since February, which is when the first press release about the company appeared online. The company claims that its pre-launch phase gives users an opportunity to get Xenos Units, or Xens, at a discount rate, then reap the benefits when the price goes up.

Guaranteed Gold Reserves:

Obtanix’s gold reserves “are stored in bank-grade secure vaults in different locations across the gold.” The company claims that each Xen is secured by 1 gram of 99.99% purity gold. Obtanix doesn’t mention any type of auditing program or independent specialist that verifies the gold reserves are real, nor do they mention their gold provider.

Obtanix Pricing

Like most MLMs and online bitcoin scams, you’ll need to pay a sizable fee to join Obtanix. Your fee appears to get passed up the pyramid. The only way to make money is by recruiting new people beneath you, at which point you earn a small fraction of their membership fee.

The more money you give the company today, the more they claim you can earn on commissions. Here are the four membership levels:

Basic ($100)

  • Guaranteed ROI of 2.5 to 5% per week
  • 1 Xenos unit
  • 5% fast track bonus
  • No differential FTB
  • 10% dual team commissions
  • Capped earnings of $100 USD

Starter ($500)

  • Guaranteed ROI of 2.5 to 5% per week
  • 5 Xenos units
  • 7% fast track bonus
  • 2% max differential FTB
  • 10% dual team commissions
  • Capped earnings of $500 USD

Advanced ($2500)

  • Guaranteed ROI of 2.5 to 5% per week
  • 28 Xenos units
  • 8% fast track bonus
  • 3% max differential FTB
  • 10% dual team commissions
  • Capped earnings of $1000 USD

Premium ($10,000)

  • Guaranteed ROI of 2.5 to 5% per week
  • 120 Xenos units
  • 10% fast track bonus
  • 5% max differential FTB
  • 10% dual team commissions
  • Capped earnings of $2500

Obtanix is deliberately vague about the “guaranteed ROI” thing. The company advertises itself as an investment where they pay you interest every day for holding money with them. However, earning 2.5% per week on your investment is one of the best opportunities you could ever find. That’s a return of over 100% per year. Like most aspects of Obtanix, this guaranteed ROI appears to be a scam.

Who’s Behind Obtanix?

Most cryptocurrency scams refuse to disclose information about themselves online. Obtanix doesn’t mention anything about its management team aside from vaguely saying they have 40+ years of combined managerial experience.

The only other hint we get about the location of Obtanix is that the company’s mining farms are located in China, Hungary, and Poland.

Obtanix Conclusion

There are way too many red flags surrounding Obtanix. The first clue is that the company’s official website prominently features images of Sir Richard Branson and Bill Gates with the goal of convincing users they’re involved with the company in some way. The other red flag is that the company offers guaranteed returns of 2.5% to 5% per week – guaranteed for all accounts.

Despite this enormous interest rate, Obtanix offers no information about its business model or how it plans to make money. The company frequently talks about its Xenos gold-backed cryptocurrency, but there’s no information about the total supply of that currency or where the gold reserves are located (if they exist at all).

Ultimately, Obtanix seems to be like most other bitcoin MLM scams available online today: the company throws a bunch of bitcoin terminology at you, mentions impressive ROI figures, and then demands you pay money to join the company. We can’t find any evidence showing that Obtanix is a worthy investment opportunity.

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