OceanEx Announces the AI Powered Cryptocurrency Trading Platform, OceanEx Atlantic

After 3 months of waiting, OceanEx announces the release of the actual exchange after a successful beta test period. The OceanEx 1.0 Beta released in November 2018 opened a new area in AI trading on the blockchain.

The company release of the OceanEx Atlantic is set to actualize this goals by providing an enhanced trading experience, efficient customer support, an increased geographical coverage and AI based risk aversion systems.

The Vechain based AI powered cryptocurrency trading exchange development team made a release on their Medium blog saying,

“OceanEx Atlantic represents the starting point of a new journey, which aims to add a higher level of security and professionalism to the trading experience and establish a more comprehensive OceanEx ecosystem with our community and partners.”

Features of the OceanEx platform

The blog further states the various features OceanEx Atlantic users will experience. Some of the features are mentioned above as well as:

1. A robust token economics to improve users experience

The exchange aims to improve user interaction on the platform through the OCE Club which will enable optimized distribution of the OCE tokens.

By joining the OCE Club by OceanEx, users will be able to receive fee discounts, airdrops, referral fees, and customized investment programs. Furthermore, the OCE Club will have membership tiers to which members will receive extra benefits.

2. Improved security of users funds through risk averse AI system

The users on the OceanEx Atlantic platform are assured of security of their funds as per the announcement.

The AI-powered risk detection algorithm installed on the platform allows users to exchange digital assets seamlessly and efficiently too.

3. The OceanEx Pilot Whale program

The platform aims to have a strong and cohesive community built around the Pilot Whale Program. The program aims to provide the diverse communities around the world with the experience of OceanEx Atlantic.

The program will hold meet ups around the world such as the first one held in Netherlands, Amsterdam to bring the community closer and closer.

4. Improved designs and developments on the OceanEx Atlantic Platform

The platform developers look forward to an improved platform in the coming days as users remain expectant of the mobile application versions on Android and iOS.

Furthermore new developments to improve users’ trading experience include: upgrades on Deposit/Withdraw functionalities; an optimized user interface; customizable and auto-saved chart settings, and market search and sorting functions.

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