Oceanus Foundation

Blockchain technology was designed as the system that supports bitcoin, a decentralized form of currency that eliminated the middleman from the equation.

The result of eliminating the middle man is lower transaction costs. The currency is under the control of no one, giving the users financial freedom from institutions. Of late, there have been numerous groups that are attempting to apply this blockchain technology in the shipping industry as well as in the DLT.

These are often small scattered groups with little technology, and they can hardly offer the user a comprehensive mode of approaching the whole industry. This is where Oceanus comes in.

What Is Oceanus Foundation?

Oceanus Foundation is a company dedicated to using blockchain technology. More than this, it is a company that is dedicated to offering the users a comprehensive approach to the industry. The company has developed the Oceanus Foundation for the purpose of creating and overseeing the practice of developing a community in the shipping industry.

The purpose of doing all this is to create a revolutionary token with the ability to allow the industry to reinvent itself. This is a token that will return the value to the participants of the shipping industry who make the biggest contributions. By doing so, they will bring fairness to one of the largest industries globally.

Shipping is an industry responsible for about 90% of the total world trade. It is basically the backbone of world trade altogether and it is about time that it got an upgrade. The Oceanus Foundation is a market leader in its field, dedicated to the development and deployment of this technology. The company is set to bring modernization to the most important industry in the global economy.

The aim of the Oceanus Foundation is far from serving as competition with the current existing cryptocurrencies. The aim is to better the shipping industry. The company aims to do so through the provision of these modern technological solutions. Modern technology, in this case, is specifically blockchain technology. The actual mission of the Foundation is to generate actual value as well as substance, which renders solutions and adequate support to all those involved in the shipping world.

Oceanus Benefits

  • The foundation aims to develop a decentralized platform in which people can make bookings. This will connect the ship owners with their potential customers easily. To trade on the platform the subscribers will use the OCEAN coin. This coin will not only be the basis of the transactions but also a platform for other innovations.
  • The main purpose of the Oceanus Foundation is to set aside a fund that can support all manners of startups in the industry. The fund is set to offer the users the expertise as well as experience of the maritime industry. This will increase insight and support all new ventures in the industry.
  • To promote innovations, the Oceanus Foundation is bent on giving out regular innovation bounties. They will also regularly hold Hackathons. These will be done in collaboration with the industry leaders. The aim is to fund an innovative hub in Estonia. This place was strategic because it has regulations that are friendly for the startup of a business and it is also quite friendly to cryptocurrencies.
  • The Oceanus Foundation is set to begin a school, the Seafarer Academy. This is a place to train people in courses relevant to the sea. It will have a corresponding insurance company.

Oceanus Downsides

There is plenty of negative publicity surrounding cryptocurrencies, which can cause potential investors to be cautious of the potential risks.

Oceanus Foundation Conclusion

The ICO of the company is currently open. If you would like to invest in this venture, then now is your chance to buy some tokens. The company is set to revolutionize the shipping industry.

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