The Octominer 8-GPU Riserless is a mining motherboard based on the sixth Generation Intel 3855u CPU. It contains everything needed to start mining. It provides excellent mining features at competitive prices. The unique highlight of the Octominer is its ability to use a mobile processor and a mobile RAM, which means that it only uses a fraction of the power of a normal motherboard. It is suitable for any NVidia or AMD GPU that is 4.5CM or thinner

Specifications And Advantages Of The OCTOMINER 8 Mining Motherboard

8 PCI Express Slot: The motherboard is equipped with eight full sized PCIE ports therefore eight graphics cards can be connected at the same time. The more the graphics cards that can be attached to a mining rig, the more the hash rate that the rig can generate and the more the income.

Easy Set Up: The graphics cards can be attached directly to the board without the need for risers or cables. The motherboard can be plugged on the wall and mining can begin immediately.

CPU: The motherboard has a CPU and cooler integrated into it, which are both efficient and fast. It generates minimum heat with its power consumption is only 15 watts making it the most energy efficient mining motherboard in the market.

octominer riseless motherboard

Build Quality: The motherboard has a great build quality meaning it can withstand intensive use during the cryptocurrency mining.

Power Supply: It supports server-style power and ATX PSU, which can be attached through two small angle brackets, which can be repositioned more in case of shorter GPUs or in order to mount fans above the GPU.

Shipment And warranty: The motherboards are brand new and have a one-year warranty and shipment is done worldwide.

OCTOMINER 8-GPU Conclusion

The Octominer 8-GPU riserless mining motherboard is fairly cheap and easy to replace and would be very convenient for small mining operations. However, a bad riser can crash miners and result in losing hours of mining profits.

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