What Is ODEEP?

Odeep is bottled water project that seeks to harvest the best quality water from the high seas, using advanced technology to reach 300 meters deep. The concept is to collect water from marine environments that are pure and rich in minerals. The unique with such a resource is that it brings the best value of taste and health wellbeing to the drinker.

Additionally, Odeep will use an ecosystem from where they want to develop a humanitarian bottled water project that will be accessible for emergency needs in the crisis region. The ODEEP ecosystem will seek to springboard the delivering of upto 20,000,000 liters of water to needy individuals.

ODEEP Background

ODeep is the brainchild of two expert companies which delve in blockchain technology and the traceability of resources (Optimum Consulting and Visonexis with FoxTag). The use of blockchain technology will enable the full traceability of the premium water that is harvested and put on board the bottling vessels.

By tokenizing the water under their platform, Odeep will build a foundation also to fund their humanitarian action. Initially, the water supply will be represented by the ODEEP tokens. With the 100 million token amount, each token sold will have a share for humanitarian efforts which is 0.25 L. As an extra feature, the ODEEP exchange enables the trading of the token on the crypto platforms. The Ocean Fresh Water will also provide a buyback option form where the ODEEP token holders get to sell-back their tokens.

How ODEEP Ocean Fresh Drinking Water Blockchain Works

The method of blockchain ascertains the technology's capabilities to tokenize just about everything.  Their concept to improve access to safer and premium water will rely on this tokenization to be able to meet the funding and ensure the safety value of the whole bottling process.

Virtually, an ODEEP token will represent 1.25 L of the bottled water. Each token holder will be able to swap their token for a liter of ODEEP. For delivery, ODEEP uses the EXW delivery conditions for shipping the bottled water. The remaining 0.25L goes into the humanitarian action without any additional commercial interventions.

To succeed in the humanitarian action, ODEEP partners with selected NGOs and other local associations to supply the water to the necessary individuals in North Africa and the Middle East

ODEEP Token ICO Details

Pre-Sale 1

  • Discount- 30%
  • Duration- 10days
  • Amount- 1250000 Units
  • Period- 14th till 24th May 2018

Pre-Sale 2

  • Discount- 20%
  • Duration- 10 days
  • Amount- 1750000 units
  • Period- 24th May till 3rd June 2018.

Pre-Sale 3

  • Discount- 10%
  • Duration- 10 days
  • Amount- 2000000 units
  • Period- 3rd June till 13th, June

Main Sale

  • Discount- 0%
  • Amount- 640000000 units
  • Duration- 1 month
  • Period- 13th June till 23 July 2018

Token Details

  • Ticker- ODEEP
  • Model- ERC20
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Accepts- ETH
  • Token supply- 100 million coins
  • Price- 1 ODEEP= $1
  • Country- Malta

Token Distribution

  • Main sales- 64%
  • Pre-sales- 5%
  • Legal and advisors- 8%
  • Community Building- 10%
  • Equity and team- 8%
  • Bounty-5%

ODEEP Conclusion

The capability of blockchain technology indeed manifests in the ability of ODEEP to tokenize their premium water. Overall, the concept is probably an outstanding idea that could provide a next level approach as to how we value our natural resources. The potential hurdle is to get people to buy into the design and invest.

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