The current centralized sharing economy isn’t sustainable enough to suit the future we all desire to be part of. Smartphones, reliable internet connectivity, and the cloud are proving to be the core facets of the current sharing economy and will probably still appear useful in the future. They will work with other media to enable convenient sharing of scarce resources and thus contribute to the overall wellness of the society.

But at a period when private ownership of data is increasingly becoming a luxury and sharing is a habit, the emergence of Odyssey is great news going forward. It is the pioneering force in the full realization of the proverbial “on-demand” equation that goes a long way in increasing efficiency of resources.

Essentially, Odyssey is that excellent resource whose availability will speed up the current sharing economy and ensure it transforms from centralized to decentralized.

The Essence and Validity of Odyssey

Odyssey strives to create an economy where sharing of data is decentralized, primarily at a peer to peer ecosystem. It is a blockchain-based platform whose operations will be open, decentralized and cheaper for everyone involved. And thus, it will have reduced the overall operating costs, increased efficiency in the economy and eventually boosted profit margins in the entire ecosystem.

In a nutshell, Odyssey will be a timely solution to the rampant data breaches, issues around data regulation and how information affects a person or business’ reputation. It will eliminate the monopoly that is the government or people of higher authority accessing important information without questions asked and selling it off for huge profits. Everyone will be part of the ecosystem and any resources earned will be shared to everyone.

The whole web of data is quite complex and thus not easy to pen in a short review like this, and you might have to go through the entire Whitepaper. However, given that Odyssey incorporates Blockchain technology, Big Data, and AI in this project means it is doable and will probably be a success.

The Core Values of the Sharing Economy

  • Each participant will have complete ownership of the data they’ll create and possess.
  • Sharing of everything will be a norm.
  • Everyone who will form part of the sharing economy will receive an incentive that is proportional to their contribution and will be free to share.
  • Credit will not be sold and will only be awarded as per the platform’s credit protocol.
  • Monopoly or biased sharing of data will be non-existent.
  • The whole ecosystem will remain autonomous.

About the Odyssey Token Sale – OCOIN Token Sale

Though the ICO ended successfully with four billion out of the original 10 billion OCOIN tokens sold, there’s no problem talking a bit about the nature of these coins.

What is Odyssey OCOIN?

It is an ERC-20 compliant, non-refundable, functional utility token that will serve as the primary unit of exchange in the Odyssey ecosystem. Since it was developed based on Ethereum blockchain, each of them will only be compatible with wallets that accept ETH. It’s, however, important to mention that each token will not represent shareholding, participation, right, title or serve as a promise of revenue or profits.

Odyssey OCOIN ICO Summary

To wrap this up, many reputable persons invested in the Odyssey OCOIN ICO, including QTUM Foundation, TRON Foundation, Game.com’s CEO, Kevin Hsu and Weixing Chen among many others. It only says a lot about the value of this whole idea and how it will be huge once it becomes operational.


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