Official Report Says Russian Military ERA Is Launching Blockchain Research Lab

Russian Ministry of Defense announces the launch of a lab designed to research and develop blockchain technology. As of now, the main focus will be to analyze how the technology can be used to detect cybersecurity attacks, according to a newspaper report published on Friday.

The countries military technology accelerator, known simply as the ERA is now releasing a special science lab to test whether blockchain technology can be utilized to detect cyber attacks while at the same time protect important infrastructure, according to the Russian Daily Izvestia.

The newspaper also made reports on research stating that there is a need to explore more applications for using blockchain technology, even though the actual lab is still under development.

One of the priorities the ERA is developing is an intelligent system that detects and prevents cyber-attacks from occurring on important databases, the paper reported. For the goal to happen, the organization has put together a specialized team of researchers who specialize in information security.

Alexei Malanov, an expert on Anti-viruses at the labs of Kasperky, a security firm focused on cyber attacks that is located in Moscow, reported to the paper that platforms built on the blockchain are able to make it more difficult to cover the tracks of cyber hackers.

He then went on further, explaining that intruders online are often able to clean p access logs found on devices to further hide their access to unauthorized devices. However, through using a ledger that is distributed, it’s easier to stop this problem from happening than ever before.

Another former tech advisor to Vladimir Putin, German Klimenko, also said that working with blockchain technology is extremely useful for anyone in the cybersecurity sector of the nation. The new lab, that is being constructed in the coastal Russian town Anapa, is eventually going to be placed under control of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation’s Eight Directorate, which is likewise focused on the security of information.

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