What Is Officium?

Officium is a blockchain –based project seeking to try and simplify the interaction between buyers and sellers of goods or services on the internet. The Officium platform intends to become the official portal from where the traders, i.e., freelancer and sellers can interact and trade.

The Officium platform will represent the decentralized ecosystem that offers a great opportunity for freelancers and service providers. The Officium Company will integrate all the necessary instruments for the users to propagate their services or goods to their clients.

Problems Officium Seeks To Solve

Some of the difficulties the platform aims to solve include:

Issues Facing Sellers

Problems Facing Buyers

  • Lack of competitive pricing
  • The monopoly of big retail firms
  • Lack of personal touch
  • Inadequate transparency

Officium Blockchain Trading Services Marketplace Features

  • Decentralized System

The Officium platform has no central regulator with much of the structure divided into smaller segments to establish a distributed control of the system.


The Officium platform also operates on a peer-to-peer system that has the users interacting and trading with each other without third-party.


The platform acts as a right place for traders to offer their full range of services ranging from particular services to essential one-off services.

Smart Contracts

The platform usage of blockchain guarantees the safety of the users with additional maximum transaction speed for the operations.


Officium helps users to be better informed on the quality and price value of the different services by dividing the sellers into different categories based on ratings and customer opinions. The types include:

  • Good seller
  • Professional seller
  • Master seller

Monetization Of Officium

The Officium platform intends to monetize its concept through:

User Accounts

Companies registered on the Officium platform will have to pay a fee for usage. While the platform is created primarily for freelancers and small sellers, companies will have to bear a monthly subscription fee of 5%. Typical users are only eligible for a 2% fees on their transactions.

Advertisement Option

Officium's primary method of monetization is the use of advertising features that will have users purchase advertisements where they can use to promote their services or goods.

Adverts Highlighting

Officium also utilizes advertising underlining as a means of earning money. The highlighted adverts function by allowing the users to pay for them and advertise their products or services to the buyers.

Sales Commissions

Officium platform dealing is based on decentralized micro services on local and regional levels. The structure will carry 10-25% commissions out of the transactions. Additionally, using the Officium tokens will have the buyers receive a 10% loyalty bonus.

Officium OFC Token ICO Details

  • ICO Sale – July 1, 2018 – August 25, 2018

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Ticker- OFC
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Model- ERC20
  • Token supply- 500,000,000 OFC
  • Sale amount- 350 million
  • Hard cap- $17 million
  • Soft cap- $3.5 million

Token Distribution

  • ICO Sale- 70%
  • Team- 15%
  • Bonuses- 10%
  • Advisors- 5%

Officium Conclusion

There is no denying the need for more direct interaction within online trade and blockchain is currently the best bet at achieving that concept on a much broader scale. Unfortunately, the idea is garnering plenty of attention, and there exist a wide variety of ventures which will offer Offcium plenty of competition.

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