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What Is OfNog?

OFNOG is a brand-new platform that is said to be a unique cryptocurrency website for trading that is powered by AI. The ICO for the token starts in a little over 18 days. You can join the crowdsale at the company website, which by the way – looks cheap and doesn’t function properly when windowed. That’s not major, but it’s still something to think about when investing.

How Does OfNog Work?

The company accepts Bitcoin & Ethereum and is an IT company that has been put together by a group of professionals from other major fortune 500 companies like HP, HPE, IBM and AT&T, just to name a few. The company has been put together as a unique crypto trading solution that is being designed to simplify how different cryptocurrencies are traded.

The primary factor of OfNog is that it’s done through the use of Artificial Intelligence and a technology developed for deep infrastructure machine learning. Apparently, it will help investors and traders perform more effectively in a faster period of time.

The platform also is being designed to be the most accurate trading system in the cryptocurrency space. And the AI is developed to learn deep algorithms as they put it. These are said to use the most advanced, cutting edge types of technology available in a real-time capacity.

The platform will apparently collect data across multiple exchanges and then use the data collected to make the best investments. The website is hard to read though, and while all this wording sounds great – it’s similar to most of the rip off ICOs you see on the market. Basically, a lot of big words with no information on how the system will actually achieve what they promise it will.

What Is The ICO Of OfNog?

As far as the token is concerned, of the 500,000,000 OFNOG tokens, the system will be creating as much as 50% of them to give to people in the crowdsale. After that, another 125,000,000 tokens, that are responsible for 25% of the platform’s total number of tokens will be distributed through discounted campaigns to promote OfNog.

The founders and investors are said to be subjected to a 1-years vesting time period with a cliff of 6 months. That means the team has to stake their tokens for 1-years, while investors only have to for 6-months. This is the sign of a scam. OfNog is making it seem like they’re being honorable by claiming to hold the tokens for 1-year while everyone else only has to for 6-months, but it’s a scam operation that is obvious to anyone who knows it.

Who Is Behind OfNog?

The team at OfNog has been supposedly working extremely hard to create a new platform that is promised to be user-friendly. And not just for the novice, but for veteran cryptocurrency users as well. The platform market is also designed to give community members the potential to earn a lot of cryptocurrency.

Through using the system, they’re promised to be able to grow a new portfolio and learn the market. Not only that, but they’ll be able to adapt the growth of the market as well, so they can anticipate and benefit from any changes that occur. The 4-phase ICO has supposedly brought in a lot of interest from investors, and OfNog is looking forward to the coming months and seeing how everything unfolds.

OFNOG ICO Conclusion

There isn’t much going on with the company, they use a lot of stock looking graphics. And put up different popular tech brands. Even though they have a team and disclose London as their location, they don’t seem to be on the level for some reason.

After looking at hundreds of theses ICOs, OfNog’s website and verbiage puts off the same feeling you would expect from one of the Ponzi Scam ICOs. I would be careful before investing with OfNog in any way.

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