What Is OiCOiN?

Oicoin is an ethereum based token that provides a token owner with non-profit returns involvement of all the international crystallized Osmium auction. The fundamental commercial subject of the project is the worldwide sale of the product, which is an extremely infrequent and valuable metal.

The products are exclusively used as conservative investments, including jewelry elements. In most cases, investments in precious metals are commonly placed in metals like gold. The metal is very rare, with its trade being illegal, prior to the introduction of crystallization. This is due to the toxicity of the raw material.

Understandig OiCOiN Crystallized Osmium Precious Metal

The product is known to lose its noxiousness through crystallization, and just as it is the case with Bitcoins, there is a limited amount which can be mined all over the world, with the total availability of the product being approximately 44 metric tons only.

It is expected that once this entire amount is sold, its demand will lead to a skyrocketing of the market price. This basically implies that holders of the crystallized Osmium will be the only people who will be able to supply them to the secondary market, which comprises of jewelers as well as other investors.

What OiCOiN Proposes

The main aim of the project is to distribute the crystallized Osmium all over the world, thus making it the new star in as far as precious metals are concerned. In this regard, revenues will be utilized in setting up a bionetwork on ‘Osmium Institutes’ in at least one hundred key cities all over the globe. The institutes will be granted the role of evaluating and certifying crystalized osmium which is placed on sale in the market.

The institutes will also be provided with crystallized Osmium by the headquarters in Germany, which is also tasked with safeguarding all the data of the markets in other nations. So far, institutes have been set up in countries such as US, Germany, Australia, France, Spain and Russia. In the next coming months, other nations are expected to follow suit.

OiCOiN Token ICO Details

The company intends to share all the revenue from other parts of the world with the Oicoin holders. Therefore, when one buys coins from the ICO, such investors will be in a position of taking part in a current income generating project, which is basically at the commencement of a longstanding viable development. It is however worth noting that coin holders will be in a position of taking part in incomes of the German Osmium Institute, with its profits not included.

Investors willing to buy the coins will have the opportunity to do so in the course of the ICO period. The issuing company has the right to alter the period of the ICO, with all the relevant changes being made available on the company’s website. One can only buy the coins through the website of the ICO, with any volume being up for grabs.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Name: Osmium Investment Coin
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Token symbol: OiCOIN
  • OiCoin token price: 1ETH =1,000 OiCOINS
  • OiCOIN tokens issued: 250,000,000 (250 million)
  • Adjustable Distribution: unsold tokens will be burned

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