The Oil Refinery and Distribution Product is launching an ICO called JES Token on the Bitshares platform. It is supposed to be a construction and operation oil refinery project that is in the Republic of Indonesia with a capacity of 300,000 BPD.

This is where MobileGas of PT Java Nergy Semesta comes into play, claiming to have a perfect solution for clean, continuous supply of energy. Natural gas was once considered worthless. Today, it is a major source of energy for both commercial and domestic needs. Demand for natural gas is growing, and PT Java Energy Semesta is seeking to meet this demand with the best quality Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) coupled with unrivalled services.

MobileGas – Affordable and High-Quality Gas

MobileGas is dedicated to bringing you top-quality CNG at affordable prices. It already has a thriving business model that operates in three modes:

Free on Board (FOB)

The Free on Board (FOB) model is designed for clients with the resources and capabilities to reach MobileGas’s mother station. Through this model, your vehicles visit the mother station and are filled with CNG according to your specifications.

Cost and Freight (CNF)

You don’t have to visit the mother station to get your CNG – MobileGas will deliver it to your location upon request. MobileGas has a freight of vehicles and other transport modes to distribute CNG to distant places in a timely and cost-efficient manner. The gas is dried and compressed before being packed into MobileGas’s trucks and then shipped to your location. Upon delivery, the gas is decompressed and transferred to your reserves. MobileGas dispatches technicians and other professionals to oversee the entire process.

Direct to Customer

Do you run a compressed natural gas factory and would like gas delivered to you? This is the ideal model for you since MobileGas has the necessary resources to do just that. Through this model, MobileGas dries and compresses gas, loads it onto its trucks, and transports it to wherever your factory is. So, how is this any different from CNF?

For starters, this model caters for everything involved right from initial packaging, transportation, transfer, and storage. MobileGas dispatches technicians, quality surveyors, and other experts to your location to oversee everything. The CNG is decompressed before transfer, and the technicians and surveyors do everything to save you the trouble. The company even sends backup supplies in case anything goes wrong, but this has never been an issue as MobileGas adheres to the best quality standards.

Why Choose MobileGas?

The world cannot do without energy, and natural gas is a major source of energy. As it stands now, energy is expensive and may even be overpriced. MobileGas is seeking to change this through its ambitious business model.

Affordability is at the core of MobileGas’s business model. It sources gas from suppliers at affordable prices, and the savings trickle down to you, the customer. That said, MobileGas also boasts of the best quality standards in the industry. Some of the benefits of CNG from MobileGas are:

  • Gas is clean as there is no spillage and emission is restricted to a minimum.
  • Gas is safer as it is equipped using high-quality safety equipment, is low density, and has a high flammability level.
  • Transportation is offered and technicians and quality surveyors are dispatched.
  • Gas is flexible in pressure, volume, and distribution methods to meet all clients’ needs.

With these facts in mind, MobileGas comes up as the best vendor of compressed natural gas for merchants as well as direct customers.

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