CoinPennant is platform that seeks to assist crypto traders in making informed and profitable investment decisions within the cryptocurrency market. The project intends to achieve this objective by building a network of digital currency hobbyists with varying levels of knowledge on the subject, ranging from novices to seasoned experts.

The CoinPennant platform comprises of two essential services, a market analysis dashboard and an investor social network. The analytic tool is used by investors in predicting market trends and identifying the most promising investments. On the other hand, the social network facilitates interactions between masters and newbies, where the experts share trading tips with beginners in exchange for utility tokens.

Market Situation

In recent times, the concept of virtual currencies has gained massive traction in the financial world. As a result, many people are interested in joining this lucrative industry. However, most of these individuals do not have access to reliable and useful information concerning the crypto industry. The inaccessibility to such critical information is a significant entry barrier for interested individuals.

As a remedy to the lack of information, the market has come up with some methods to counter this challenge. Nowadays, some traders resorted to following prominent crypto experts on social media such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Others opt for consultancy services which often command hefty fees. Experienced heads often conduct personal analysis by drawing performance charts.

Notably, it is extremely difficult to find a reliable means of obtaining market analytics as well as investment advice.

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The CoinPennant Community

As mentioned earlier, the CoinPennant ecosystem encompasses different levels of crypto investors. These include:

Master Traders

These are the most skilled and experienced digital currency traders. Usually, master traders share their knowledge and insights on crypto trading on their social feed. To access this list, beginners have to pay a subscription fee. This fee is paid in CPNT tokens.

Beginner Traders

New traders can access tailored investment information by subscribing to master trader channels. Additionally, CoinPennant provides a copy trading module exclusively for greenhorns.

Experienced Traders

Experienced traders can leverage the data analysis module to get custom alerts concerning volume changes and market crossovers.

CoinPennant Services

  • Investor Social Networking Platform: The social networking platform connects beginners and professionals to facilitate the exchange of market insights and investment advices.
  • Data Analysis Module: The CoinPennant Data Analysis Module constantly generates the market trends of various digital currencies and avails them to all subscribers.
  • Auto Copy Trading Module: Beginners can leverage this feature to get tactics on how to trade effectively within the crypto market.
  • Copy Trading Module: This feature enables traders to copy successful trading modules from expert traders.

The CoinPennant Token (CPNT)

CPNT is the native cryptocurrency of the CoinPennant ecosystem. It is an ERC20 standard token based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Parameters of the ICO

  • Name: CoinPennant Token
  • Symbol: CPNT
  • Token price: $0.5
  • Minimum purchase: 0.1 ETH
  • Maximum purchase: 1000 ETH

Distribution of Funds

The proceeds from the ICO will be distributed as follows:

  • 75% – development
  • 15% – advertising and marketing
  • 10% – partnerships

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