What Is Ojooo?

Ojooo is a unique platform that will allow advertisers from all over the world to meet with advertising addresses. In the current competitive world of advertising, it is important to keep up with trends and build as many prospects as you can. Defining your target group for your ads is not enough. What you need to do is have great tactics that help you reach customers with a message and encourage them to utilize the suggested offers.

The OJooo Goal

Ojooo plans to hold an ICO and utilize the resultant funds to build a blockchain-based advertising platform for high-end advertising. The platform is unique in how it operates and has the potential to become the new standard for advertising.

All advertisers will have an opportunity to market products to a global market and facilitate access to users and buyers. It creates a win-win solution for everyone. Users get rewards in the OJX token for viewing ads and sharing data. The advertisers will be sure that they have reached their target audience. They will also be sure that the audience has actually understood the content of the ads.

Problems Ojooo Seeks To Solve

Most consumers are averse to the current advertising trends. They install ad blockers to avoid having to view obtrusive ad messages. Besides that, the traditional forms of advertising do not work. Most people today do not watch TV or read the newspaper.

If an advertiser wants to reach his or her target audience, he, or she needs to go online. However, even the online ads do not work that easy. People are bombarded with so many messages online that they choose to ignore most of them. Today, there are more than 200 million people globally that use ad blockers.

Every year, this number increases a bit more. It is quite costly for advertisers; it cost them about $42 billion in 2017. Most advertisers are working hard to try to regain the confidence of their customers. However, for this to work, there needs to be a solution that caters to the needs of all.

There is also the problem of data misuse. Most people are not happy that ad companies manage to collect so much data on them. Even when data may seem harmless, advertisers have ways to combine data to fingerprint someone online. Sometimes, random facts that you have shared all over the internet can be used to track you to your doorstep.

The Ojooo Blockchain Project For Advertisers & Investors Solution

The Ojooo project will utilize the Earn per View Online and Mobile Advertising model. Users will be paid to view ads while advertisers will pay to get this data. They will be sure that their ads are going to a willing audience. Meanwhile, everything is secure by the blockchain.

Ojooo OJX Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Ticker: OJX
  • Total Tokens: 400,000,00 OJX
  • Tokens for sale: 240,000,000 OJX
  • Accepted payment: ETH
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Pre-sale 1: June 11 – August 02
  • Pre-sale 2: August 02 – September 14
  • Main ICO: September 14 – October 25
  • Price: 1 OJX = $0.07 USD

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