OkeyDokey is a platform powered by smart contracts used on IoT devices such as smart locks. It will make it possible to automatically sell and rent the things that it controls. The platform is going to transform how people rent and share things by creating an ecosystem for autonomous and secure transactions.

Why OkeyDokey Matters?

The number of assets accumulated globally is huge. Idle assets are all over since people are just not able to utilize them efficiently. For instance, most private vehicles are utilized just 4% daily. On the other hand, taxis are utilized 50% of the time. Office spaces too go to waste. They are only used for 20% of the day. This is all untapped value that could lead to real economic benefits.

There have been huge steps taken in recent years to improve the sharing economy. This is an economy where people utilize the internet and mobile technology to access goods and resource offered by peers. One of the industries that have arisen from this is the vacation rental sector. It is estimated to be worth about $170 billion.

Over the past decade, new technological concepts such as the IoT and the blockchain have had a huge impact on the world. These technologies have created new opportunities that did not exist before. One of the technologies that have developed in recent years is automated door locks. The locks can be used to automatically grant people access to doors.

When door locks are connected to digital marketplaces, it will make it possible to conduct automated transactions. This will lead to the creation of a peer-to-peer rent business. In the process, it could create value like has never been seen before. It will lead to a wave of new applications that rely on smart device connectivity to improve the quality of user-oriented services while reducing unnecessary costs.

How The Current Industry Looks

Most digital marketplaces today are between the homeowner and potential renter. They have a great interface that allows millions of guests to find and book a home. However, these services are expensive. Besides that, the user-oriented functionalities only have quality in terms of booking and browsing.

In the current industry, there are also problems of fraud, the inconvenience of human interactions, cost of operation, and many others. These issues will be addressed via the blockchain and IoT. The blockchain will deal with the issue of security and identity. The IoT will deal with the coordination of physical objects.

OkeyDokey Value Proposition

The OkeyDokey platform will offer a platform where digital transactions secured by the blockchain are connected to smart locks. In short, a guest will book and pay directly to the smart lock. That will grant the guest automatic access for a given period. This will be a simple platform, which saves money and time.

OkeyDokey OKEY Token ICO Details

Reservation Sale

  • Date: May 25, 2018
  • Hard Cap: 30,000,000 OKEY
  • Bonus: 35%


  • Date: June 11, 2018
  • Hard Cap: 120,000,000 OKEY
  • Bonus: 25%

Public Sale

  • Date: TBD
  • Round 1: 120 million OKEY
  • Round 2: 150 million OKEY
  • Round 3: 180 million OKEY

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