What is OKO VR Casino?

The platform is a new project launching that is based on the same token as OKOIN, the founder of the platform. And the token will be called VR Casino or OKO. Apparently, it’s the third blockchain project from tokenomics that is based entirely on tokens. The other platforms they’ve launched are called the VR Platform OKO – one that is for adults over 18 years of age only and plays adult movies and the other being the OKO Pay, a new payment platform used in conjunction with other VR tech partners.

The three projects are important to note because they cannot be integrated with each other. Each one of the platforms is completely independent of the other platforms and each one of them has its own features that are unique to itself. Even though the platforms can’t be interchanged, they still have been designed to work side by side with each other. The reason is that it allows for a larger audience and more value as well as stability and a more liquid nature of the OKOIN Token.

How Does OKO Casino Work?

As for the VR Casino OKO Project, it’s a completely different project. The new platform has been designed to give the real look and feel you would get in an actual casino. The only thing missing from the atmosphere of a real casino is the smell of cigarette smoke. Thankfully with the popularity of online betting and safety that comes with blockchain tech, and it is becoming more common in different projects across multiple industries, the vision for a virtual casino is coming to life.

The interesting part of the whole concept is it uses the VR OKO Helmet. The sales of the helmet have already exceeded 70,000 units and the number is projected to grow exponentially in the vary near future. While at the same time, technology incorporating the VR experience is ready for system development on other types of VR devices like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, as well as several others.

As it goes today, there are over 40 countries that do not allow casinos in their country. And that is why the casino industry is making a very real effort to take this untouched, free niche around the world. According to NewZoo, a respected analytics company, the gross profit of online casinos is consistently growing by 8-10% each year and in total is worth over 43.7 billion Euros in 2017.

In the past, internet casinos have fallen short in popularity. The reason is that the wins and losses are still determined by the computer algorithm. There is question to the validity of the process that online casinos have been using in the past. More so, the screen software interfaces on the casinos have never been able to provide the same type of experience that you would get in a real-life casino. They simply have not been able to replicate the glows of light, passions of the people or the cha chings that happen in a gaming establishment.

VR Casinos will hopefully be able to remedy this problem and bring a more lifelike, exciting experience to the players, at least from a visual standpoint. Users will still have to rely on a helmet though and the wins/losses will still be determined by the computer.

OKO Casino in Conclusion

The interesting part of the VR Casino OKO Token is the main difference between other failed attempts at VR casinos. With OKO’s Casino, players will see an actual live vide that is broadcast directly from the casino with a 180-degree viewing angle. They can see the table, the croupier and all the rest in actual real-time.

In addition, the user of the VR Casino and OKO Tokens can place bets in real-time. OKOIN Tokens are used as the chips for the casino. And with the use of Smart Contracts, the game will be as transparent as can be. If you want more details on the OKO VR Casino Project, head to OKO.Casino.


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