OKOIN, found online at OKOIN.io, is a virtual reality platform for the adult film industry. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is OKOIN?

OKOIN is a digital currency that can be used to interact with an existing virtual reality system called OKO. OKO is a VR system specializing in adult content distribution.

By launching OKOIN, the company seeks to create the first decentralized, blockchain-based VR platform for 100% anonymous adult content distribution.

The OKOIN ICO is underway throughout March and April 2018. The website claims that they’ve already received $36.5 million in investments, with each OKOIN selling for $6.70 during the ICO.

OKOIN is being developed by a Prague, Czech Republic-based team. The company seeks to launch its blockchain-based adult entertainment marketplace before the end of 2018.

How Does OKOIN Work?

OKOIN is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that can be used to purchase adult content and products.

The project is also linked to the virtual reality headset called VR OKO, which is already available for purchase today. The VR OKO movie library includes more than 500 titles in 40 different genres. 5 studios create VR content for the headset.

After the launch of OKOIN, you’ll be able to purchase both the headset and any adult movies using the OKOIN cryptocurrency.

The headset retails for $299 USD. As of March 2018, the Prague-based company has sold over 74,000 headsets.

The headsets resemble other virtual reality headsets: the headsets come with goggles. You strap the headset onto your head to begin enjoying VR content. OKOIN also comes with a joystick, headphones, and assorted cables and adapters that greatly expand the headset’s functionality. You can use the OKO VR headset to view content from the OKO marketplace. However, it can also be used for ordinary VR gaming. Just connect it to a gaming PC or other system.

Overall, OKOIN sees it as “an ideal pairing of blockchain with virtual reality.”

Some of the core features of the platform include:

  • An adult VR movie and product store where transactions are completed using smart contracts
  • Adult VR Video chats
  • Single OKOIN cryptocurrency for anonymous payments
  • Decentralized P2P distribution of adult content with high speed, high security, high privacy, and zero intermediaries

What Problems Does OKOIN Seek to Solve?

Why do we need a decentralized cryptocurrency for the adult content distribution industry? OKOIN seeks to solve a number of problems, including all of the following:

  • Regulations around the world seek to restrict porn distribution legally and technically; moving to a blockchain-based system protects adult film distribution from any restrictions
  • The industry is continuing to grow, yet there isn’t a good, unified marketplace for VR content
  • Today’s platforms like Google and Apple restrict distribution channels; traditional platforms typically avoid branching into adult content distribution
  • It’s difficult to anonymously purchase adult content, and even “anonymous” marketplaces might track your IP, handle your payment information, or access your data in other ways

Who’s Behind OKOIN?

OKOIN was created by a Prague, Czech Republic-based company named VR Technology. That company specializes in the production of VR OKO virtual reality headsets designed for viewing adult content.

The company is headquartered in Prague but maintains distribution offices in 8 cities across 4 countries worldwide.

Key members of the team include Roman Pavlovich (CEO), Dmitry Mamleev (Central Developer), Andrei Alekseev (CCO), and Ivan Solomin (CMO).

In March 2018, the company made headlines for announcing its OKO Pay global payment system. That payment system is based on blockchain technology and smart contracts. It’s expected to play a crucial role in the OKOIN ecosystem.


The ICO for OKOIN tokens began on December 14, 2017. The ICO will end on April 25, 2018.

As of March 2018, the company claims to have raised $36.5 million through the ICO. They’re seeking to raise $80 million by the end of the ICO.

Of the total supply of tokens, 35% are available for the public crowdsale. The remaining tokens are allocated to the ecosystem (25%), partners (15%), the team (15%), token sales (4%), a bounty program (4%), and a reserve fund (2%).

The cost of the token has increased since the beginning of the token sale. As of March 2018, each OKOIN token is priced at $6.70.

OKOIN Conclusion

OKOIN is a digital currency designed for use in the OKOIN ecosystem, a blockchain-based marketplace for adult entertainment content and products. The team behind OKOIN also launched VR OKO, a virtual reality headset designed for use with adult content (although it can function as an ordinary VR headset for PC gaming and other purposes as well).

The ICO for OKOIN tokens is underway until April 25, 2018. To learn more about the platform and how it works, visit online today at OKOIN.io.


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