The blockchain technology has been revolutionizing many industries and the pornographic industry is one of them. Cryptocurrencies already offer an anonymous way to buy for services, so it can be a great idea to use it for activities that you might want to remain private. Because of this, blockchain technology and the porn industry have already intertwined.

If you are looking to invest in both these industries, you can bet we have got the answer for you here. Our blog’s mission is to help our readers find the best investments and cryptocurrency tools, so we review many companies. The company of the day is OKOIN.

What Is OKOIN?

OKOIN is a Czech blockchain porn company that deals with the sale of Virtual Reality (VR) content. The company puts privacy in the first place and offer 100% anonymity for its users. If you want to access quality VR adult content, OKOIN might be the place for you.

The company already has more than 500 VR videos on its gallery for its users and is producing more of this content every week. The company offers content only accessible from its platform that can be bought with its new currency which is being sold in Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

OKOIN has a base of more than 900,000 users and is a fast growing company that is enjoying the blockchain technology to expand its business and make it more profitable.

How Does OKOIN Work?

The company offers VR adult content and other services. Everything on the site can be paid using its tokens, which were devised to enable its users to be even more anonymous than they would be using Bitcoin, for example.

Other services that the company offers beyond the videos are VR chats in which you can really feel like you are in a real situation. You can also buy the OKOIN VR headset to access the videos. This product also can be paid with the company’s tokens.

The company also has an online platform for sales in which you will be able to buy many products sold in the sex industry.

How To Invest Using OKOIN?

Are you interested in the products and services that this company is offering? To invest in this company and enjoy them for the smaller price, you will have to buy their tokens during the sale.

The ICO has already started and it will go until January 14, lasting about a month. If you buy the tokens soon, you will be able to receive discounts. Check the official prices:

  • December 14-19: $1 USD
  • December 20-24: $1.8 USD
  • December 25 – January 14: $2.7 USD

If you buy tokens, there is the chance to be invited to a private party that the company will be held on January 26. 100 invitations will be sent to random investors. The lottery draw will be made via smart contract.

OKOIN Verdict

Is this the right company for you? If you want to get intimate with VR adult content, yes. OKOIN seems like a very secure company for you to use. Nobody will need to know that you are using their services and even registration on the service will be very simple.

You should note that there are no red flags on the site. Everything seems really legit and the company and their content really exists, so there are no reasons to think that they might rip you off or scam you.

If you are interested in this company, go for it, there is nothing wrong with it and it can be a very good investment for you if you plan to use it.

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