OLXA Coin ICO Review

OLXA Group Set to Invest on Blockchain

The use of cryptocurrency in online payment systems has a long way to go. As of now, there are challenges that bitcoin is finding it hard to overcome especially on financial transactions. This is why the innovation of using alternative applications such as digital tokens or assets seems on the rise.

The OLXA Group is one firm that plans to utilize the use of Ethereum smart contract to enhance our transactions. The team plans to do that by providing users with a real application through hashing encryption, to ensure safety and security. The token (OLXA Coins) will be in use in real businesses at a lower transaction fee.


With such an ambitious project, OLXA Has critically planned its ICO to benefit those eager to participate. The ICO is expected to occur in four stages. The Pre-ICO is set to start on February 1st, and financiers get a 50% special bonus on a mere $10 investment. The first round ICO begins later on March 1st with three other states to follow suit.

Each participant in the ICO will receive the bonuses and OLXA coins on an ERC20 Ethereum wallet. The number of OLXA coins is expected to be 2.6 billion will only 1.5 billion made available in the ICO Crowdsale. The rest of the coins are set to be in use for the reward schemes, product manufacturing, funding projects, and partnerships.

How it Works

For beginners, the OLXA Coins require an Ethereum ERC20 Wallet. A good recommendation by the OLXA GROUP is to get a Myetherwallet. If you intend to get on board, you can get the coins through purchasing in exchanges. Conveniently, OLXA coins can be bought with ETH, BTC, or LTC among other currencies.

With OLXA Coins, users can now purchase or sign up for the services on offer by OLXA Group. An example is the Crypto E-Shop that allows users to buy services and products with OLXA Coins. The purchase is a quick process and shipping occurs in the fastest way possible thanks to several shipping options.

There is also an advertising platform for OLXA users to share profits from Paid to click, paid to watch and paid to visit systems. That results from global partnerships on how to provide the OLXA i-Advertising Classified Ads network.

Advantages of OLXA

There are a few pointers to a much viable project with OLXA Coins. The users will experience benefits from some of the unique services from OLXA. A definite advantage is the level of anonymity and privacy enhancement. The OLXA platform allows real-time monitoring of your information, giving users much needed control.

Additionally, the project is set to expand financial services onto a global scale but at a safer platform. The use of the visa card will further improve the convenience of having to exchange digital currency for fiat, whenever you are out and about.

Also, the convenience offered by OLXA is of proper levels. The platform provides a smartphone OLXA Ethereum wallet to enable users to send and receive OLXA coins anywhere, anytime. Additionally, there are also wallet versions for tablets, laptops, and PCs.

All-in-all, OLXA efforts reveal an apparent desire for the firm to encourage the use of cryptocurrency in commerce. Their decision to offer a valuable coin offering with stable bonuses indicate an effective management standard.

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Coin Market Cap Price Change 24 Hour Volume
BTC $142.54B $8,043.1454 0.20% $4.78B
ETH $26.7B $251.3996 0.12% $2.04B
XRP $16.25B $0.3859 -0.37% $373.39M
BCH $7.18B $403.4524 -1.91% $240.16M
LTC $6.38B $103.0474 1.91% $907.82M
EOS $5.83B $6.3883 -0.96% $531.87M
BNB $4.87B $34.4806 1.12% $360.36M
USDT $3.07B $1.0036 0.06% $4.41B
XLM $2.41B $0.1250 -1.48% $39.12M
ADA $2.09B $0.0805 -1.02% $41.26M

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