Olyseum: Blockchain-Based Sports Stars Social Network Launches For FIFA World Cup 2018

Olyseum To Set Up A Blockchain Powered Social Network For Sports Stars

This Thursday Olyseum announced the upcoming launch of its international network which will be powered through blockchain. The platform is officially set to launch later in 2018, however, tests will officially start as soon as Russia FIFA World Cup kicks off.

The Olyseum network was born out of a shared passion between Iniesta, Puyol, and De La Pene to cast closer, meaningful fan relationships with guidance and leadership from expert technologists. They aim to build an online sports ‘Coliseum’, a universal platform for fans and idols to interact freely and seamlessly, rewarding fan engagement through the use of cutting-edge technology. When the App was launched in 2016, they instantly became the most downloaded sports app from the App Store in six countries.

Olyseum only has two other employees: there’s CEO Charles Grenoir, a Ph.D. candidate who specializes in

“development of intelligent systems, the study of computer viruses and hacktivism.” Below him is Kevin Mitnick, modestly introduced as “the most famous hacker in the world.”

One thing missing from the “Social network for sports” was a transparent, distributed ledger that can never be changed. That may not seem intuitive, but perhaps in the cheating-heavy world of professional sports, an immutable record without trusted third parties really is necessary. Integration of Blockchain will solve this problem.

While there’s no explicit mention of a token offering, there are enough hints that you know what’s coming.

“We intend that every idol has their own community to have personalized interaction, exchange products and services, and rewards for their fanbase,” says the Olyseum website. “Idols can increase their revenues and finally retribute fans through Olyseum’s native Reward System.”

This shows that Olyseum will be Tokenized. The platform is also planning to introduce an incentive program powered by smart contracts for fans contributing to the community. The contributions will be rewarded in the form of exclusive merchandise, VIP tickets, and much more.

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