Omelette Du

Eating out is one of the most popular leisure activities among Europeans, which has led to a booming food service and restaurant industry. Restaurants are the main outlet used by consumers in the food industry. Restaurants and mobile food services generated a total of 237 billion euros in 2015 with France and the UK leading the market. A restaurant that offers its customers quality, taste, and freshness will not lack clients.

How Omelette Du Works

Omelette du is a new day all day breakfast restaurant brand. It is a real community place where crypto communities are welcomed to discuss, share knowledge, create partnerships, and have a good time. The developers love crypto and have come up with a place that can represent the crypto community that is not online based. Communities are also able to form partnerships and more powerful relationships among people to bring high values to the crypto world. The platform is a proof of a working decentralized system. The platform hopes to bring cryptocurrency usage into a classical business. It brings together a sustainable proof of work and the demand for blockchains.

The first location will be opened in Bucharest Romania in October 2018. This is the native town of the developers. Bucharest is also one of the most populated cities in Europe and one of the countries with the most brand Consumers. This means that the developers will get a huge demand for their product. The Omelette du will then spread as a franchise business all over Europe and other parts of the globe.

The restaurant will have a small menu to ensure the quality and freshness of the preparations. its commitment is to meet their client’s needs for a fresh and healthy meal. The restaurant will be open to all groups of consumers regardless of their sexual orientation, age, nationality, and religion and will have most international and traditional cuisines.

Percentage of the restaurant earnings will be redirected to the Omelette du foundation that will be set up in 2019. It will be for educational projects and its goal will be to provide free access to information to all those who want to form a more accurate idea of the entrepreneurial environment.

The ODU Token ICO

The ICO for the Omelette du token (ODU) is already underway as it started on 20th April 2018 and will end on 30th June 2018. The accepted form of payment is ETH. Each of the tokens is valued at 1ETH=10,000 ODU. The minimal transaction amount is 0.01ETH and 12,000,000 ODU will be distributed during the crowd sale.

The platform has organized giveaways during the crowdfunding period. There is a giveaway contest for contributors with a total 450 ETH and over 166 chances to win. There are also giveaways for influencers. YouTube influencers have 66 chances to win 88 ETH.

Those who share on Facebook about the crowdfunding get 10 points for every share. The Twitter giveaway is for reactions and re-tweets received on the person’s tweet on the crowdfunding. There is 5O ETH ready to be won by those using Twitter. One reaction gets you one point while one re-tweet gets 4 points. The platform also has surprise giveaways valued at 30 ETH for other contests.


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