What Is Omicrex?

The new exchange is for trading Bitcoin, Ethereum and other significant altcoins. It’s an online exchange platform to help you exchange, buy or sell cryptocurrency tokens. Another purpose of the platform is to monitor personal crypto-holdings in a convenient place without real-time price watches.

Before I get into this, it’s important to note that there is some skeptical talk of the platform in various cryptocurrency communities. It’s not certain that Omicrex is a scam, but something to consider if you’re thinking of using the platform.

One sign that makes me question the platform is on the top of the company website, claiming there are already tens of thousands of people who are using the platform. Unfortunately, it’s a brand-new company with no real way to support this claim.

The company is currently handling transactions for coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple and more just to name a few.

How Omicrex Omicron Trust Works

At Omicrex, they claim to use the most advanced market watch, and management technology available. The pricing on the platform is promised to be the best as well, but this is a typical statement by new exchanges, until you see the truth on that, do not hold your breath. Omicrex promises to dedicate themselves to provide the best trading experience around, something that should go without saying if you ask me.

The company provides users with transparent commissions. Commissions start at 0.25% then can go all the way down to 0% for people on the market who are investing. It’s an easy platform to setup and get access with immediately, according to the creators of it.

The company makes it easy to profit, another common claim by a lot of new exchanges – usually scam ones – because everyone know cryptocurrency investing takes study, work and time to hit the big numbers.

Approval to get an account only takes about 24 hours – and the team works hard to get accounts approved very quickly. As stated, some fishy talk has been going around the internet for as to the reputation of Omicrex. It’s likely they have some bugs to work out but should be used with caution because talk of scams doesn’t typically sprout out of nowhere.

Omicrex Conclusion

The company offers, mobile, desktop and web services, so you can make investments or monitor them from anywhere online. There really isn’t a lot of information on the company or who is behind it, which is a bad sign for an exchange or new cryptocurrency company. It would be a good idea to perform more research into Omicrex before you make any big investments into the company, for your own safety and protection of course.

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