Ommer prides of being a cryptocurrency exchange platform that seeks to enable individuals to own digital currencies simply and effectively, in under five minutes. The platform emphasizes the need for fast transaction and verification, and this is made possible with the real-time user profiles, spot exchange prices and integration with bank accounts.

Ommer also hopes to reduce the user onboarding complexity and challenges facing crypto exchanges within the South-East Asia region. Their goal to incorporate cryptocurrency within ASEAN is also in line with the platform's concept of integrating financial inclusion for the potentially untapped crypto markets within the region.

Ommer Solutions

Ommer has crafted a cryptocurrency exchange platform that will be supported by the following structures and concepts

  • Ommer App: The Ommer App will become available in both Android and iOS versions to the respective users. The app assists in coordinating the purchase of virtual currencies with the additional safety and recovery features.
  • OMR tokens: The native currency for the platform is the Ommer utility tokens, and their function pertains using the digital coin as a medium of exchange and base currency for the Ommer platform
  • Reduced trading fees: While regular crypto trading may bear additional expenses, OMR will ensure only a small chargeable fee is present as the trading expenses.
  • Ommer Customer Protection fund: Security is an emphasis on Ommer, and all their security measures work to ensure full safety of the finances and compensation in case of any adverse scenario
  • Ommer Membership program: As part of their token sustainability strategy, Ommer intends to incorporate new features in the future which are only unlockable by using the OMR tokens

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Positive Aspects of the Cryptocurrency Exchange

  • Stability of tokenized fiat currencies: Ommer wants to offer potential users an alternative to the volatile cryptocurrencies. The exchange plans to achieve this by introducing tokenized versions of the fiat currencies within ASEAN
  • Expected compliance with regulations: The Ommer team hopes to engage regulators proactively and ensure the venture meets the bare-minimum requirements set out by the respective authorities.
  • Convenient and reliable exchange: With the Ommer app as the cornerstone of the platform, users get the promise of convenience to allow them to trade thanks instantly to the API integration with financial institutions
  • Comprehensive development team: The Ommer development team is made up of different experts with experience in established fields in the ASEAN market. Such diverse expertise lends credibility to the Ommer project as a whole.
  • Recoverable mobile wallet: Managing private keys for digital wallets is a strenuous task, and Ommer takes notice of this by improvising a recovery transaction feature set by each account used to help them access funds in unforeseen events

Ommer Exchange Potential

Overall, Ommer cryptocurrency exchange concept is a solid idea receiving the backing of an experienced and committed team. Still, the project lacks a universal appeal as the development team has decided to focus more on the ASEAN market. However, there is the acknowledgment that Ommer may expand its borders

Token information

  • Ticker- OMR
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Token model- ERC20
  • Price rate- 1 OMR=$ 0.6
  • Token supply- 100,000,000
  • Hard cap- $18,000,000
  • Soft cap- $5,000,000

Distribution plan

  • Token sale- 50%
  • Exchange operations- 20%
  • Reserve bank- 10%
  • Team and advisors- 10%
  • Equity investors- 5%
  • Bounties- 5%

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