Boasting of being one of the pioneer decentralized investment vehicles, Onasander captures the essence of the integration of blockchain technology in conventional asset trading and management.

According to their investment model, the fund is structured in such a way that the ICO holders stand a chance of receiving dividends which will distributed according to the number of token purchased during the initial offering stage. In other words, the higher the number of token purchased, the bigger the chunk of the dividends paid out.

About Onasander

Onasander prides itself on being one of the top investment and market analysis companies floating around at the moment. Their operating software, which has been lauded as one of the most progressive in the ecosystem, is based on the effective prediction of Asset’s prices by analyzing the past. This implies, in other words, that the company’s past trading success is the chief driving force of the ICO.

All in all, Onasander has been able to assemble an extremely successful Investment bank through the application of blockchain technology. Above all, early ICO investors will additionally be rewarded with lifetime dividends for years to come.

What Onasander Blockchain Crypto Investment Bank Offers

From a layman point of view, Onasander is encompassed by the following:

Wealth Management

If you’re looking for an efficient wealth management platform, then there’s no denying that Onasander is your best bet. Simply put, their asset price analysis is optimized in such a way to allow fluid online wealth management.

Market Analysis

Just as their name suggests, Market analysis is their main forte. In fact, this is exactly where Onasander really excels as far superior service delivery goes.


Just as it would be expected, trading goes hand-in-hand with professional market analysis. By buying into this ICO,you will be getting a front row sit in taking advantage of the firm’s trading software that is adapted for shelling out low risk high gain trading calls.

Wise Investments

This is the result of a combination of unmatched market analysis and impeccable trading prowess. The development team behind Onasander believe that it is considerably easy to rake in cash through any asset as long as one is aware of the best time to buy into asset and when the right time to cash out. The trading software is built around this.

Why Should You Invest In Onasander?

If you’re a financial guru or even an inspiring one, it would interest you to know that Onasander possesses a unique Asset Price Analysis Software that is virtually the key to their past trading success.

If anything, they claim that their market tools – that are the product of more than two decades of focused development – are unrivaled and unparalleled which, of course, would explain why they are able to predict looming recessions, artificial wealth bubbles, landscape-changing market moves and identify asset price lows and bottoms. And this is just what anyone needs to kickstart their journey to monetary freedom by taking advantage of any prevailing market condition.

Onasander ONA Token ICO Details

According to their Initial coin offering investment model, the first phase of the pre ICO which ends one 22nd July 2018 is reserved for non-US investors only. The official ICO for US-based investors ought to kick off on 22nd January 2019 where more than 20,000,000 tokens will be put up for grabs.

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