Onda Origins

Blockchain technology has the power to transform any industry and we can see examples of that in companies and governments leveraging their technology to enhance their product and services. However, it is not often that a coffee company is in news for using blockchain. Onda Origin is one of the first coffee companies to do so.

About Onda Origins

Omda Origin is a Seattle based coffee companies that are connecting growers and drinkers of world-class coffee to bring about a positive change in the ecosystem. They enable coffee drinkers to partner directly with the growers which provides traceability to origin, revenue-sharing with growers, and experiential storytelling on the positive social and environmental impact of the coffee’s growers.

By using Blockchain and virtual reality Onda Origins wants to transform the coffee business. Blockchain is used to create transparency for customers, who can see exactly where their coffee comes from, and for growers to get maximum revenue out of every bean they produce.

Using blockchain makes it easier to work across borders and languages barriers. Onda on a couple occasions had to find creative ways to make sure their first growers got paid, and that became more challenging as it looked to expand to larger growers and different locations.

Scott Tupper, one of their co-founders commented: “As we expanded our offerings into cooperative models or smallholders in locales where we didn’t have the linguistic capacity, we could never guarantee that the actual trail was leading back to the producer. That led to a couple disappointing situations where we didn’t know how to reconnect with the growers. Blockchain offers an ability through auditing chain of custody on a ledger to make sure that we are following product all the way through and that we will always have access to the growers.”

How Does It Work?

  • Coffee directly from the source: Their innovative approach to traceability allows them to create a platform that is transparent which gives a true record of sourcing. Consumers know exactly where the plantation of the coffee is and who are the growers or co-op it is coming from.
  • Growers get paid a second time: Growers receive a dollar-per-pound bonus on top of the premium price paid for the green coffee when consumers buy the end product. The extra income dramatically increases their standard of living.
  • Social impact: Partnering with the growers enables a feedback look of inputs such as how their harvest is going, how they are offsetting CO2 emissions through preserving forests, or how they are sharing sustainable practices with other farmers.
  • Proximity: Onda Origins allows the consumers to meet growers in person, follow them on social media, or take a trip to origin using virtual reality.

Onda Origins Conclusion

While the world’s largest coffee company, Starbucks is eyeing blockchain to incorporate into their business, Onda Origins has already ventured deep into the new technology to create a verifiable bean to cup experience for customers.

Find out more about the company on their website https://ondaorigins.com/ .

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