Have you ever heard of the OneChain decentralized app? This dapp is an all-in-one blockchain application that combined a wallet, transfers, decentralized exchange and a chat all in a single service. Read our review about it.

What Is OneChain?

OneChain is a decentralized app built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, meaning that its code is compatible with ERC20 utility tokens and smart contracts. The dapp offers private keys to the users, end-to-end encryption, fast transfers and options for customization of services and the ability to store different ERC20 tokens and Bitcoin.

OneChain All In One Blockchain Dapp Coin Features

This project has four different features that you can use. Each one of them has a different purpose for the user and all of them are based on the Ethereum blockchain.

The OneChain Super Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that supports more than 700 Ethereum-based tokens. Basically, all of the relevant ERC20 tokens are supported in this wallet. The user gets his own private keys to use it and the wallet also supports Ethereum and even Bitcoin, so you can basically only use it if you want to.

The OneChain Decentralized Exchange can make up to 20 thousand transactions per second and it supports all the mainstream cryptos in the market right now like Litecoin, Waves, Dash and Monero, for instance. It is decentralized, transparent and resistant against hacker attacks.

There’s also the OneChain Decentralized Chat, which is a completely free application that has end-to-end encryption to protect the user from censorship of any kind.

Finally, the OneChain Thunder Transfer connects many blockchains via cross-chain technology and it is able to transfer ERC20-based tokens in less than 5 seconds with lower fees than Bitcoin usually charges.

OneChain ONE Token ICO Details

  • Token Symbol: ONE
  • Token Sale Starts: April 16th
  • Token Sale Ends: April 26th
  • Token Price: 1BTC    1=80000 ONE, 1EOS    1=80 ONE, 1ETH    1=5100 ONE
  • Total Supply: 10 Billion
  • Token Standard: ERC20 Compatible
  • Soft Cap: 50,000,000 ONE
  • Minimum Contribution:  0.2 BTC/3.5 ETH/200 EOS

Who Is Behind OneChain?

The founder and senior director of OneChain is Kenny Huang. He managed research and development in many companies for more than 20 years and has studied in the Wuhan University with the famous cryptographer Zhang Huanguo.

The development team of this company has specialists from the areas of blockchain technology, cryptography, security protection and other IT sectors.

OneChain Conclusion

It looks like OneChain can be definitely a good choice for you. The company has many features that make it a very complete product that can be used almost on its own. If you want to centralize your blockchain-related tasks in a decentralized app, OneChain is definitely a worthy solution for you.

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