The OneGame project is called Wan Shi in China, which means “tens of thousands of worlds.” It is a virtual world, which is built on the Deep Brain Chain AI public chain. DeepBrain Chain is the first AI platform in the world that is powered by blockchain technology.

OneGame has gotten funding and support from well-known blockchain investment institutions such as the Loopring Foundation, DeepBrain Chain Foundation, Litecoin Foundation, Youbi Capital and many others.

The team that is creating the game behind this project is Mokuni, a famous Amercian gaming company that has launched over ten games already. They have received recommendations from Google, Apple, and the Amazon app store many times. Their products have been downloaded over ten million times. Pu Shi, who is the founder, is a former senior tech specialist at Google. He is responsible for the architecture of the Google map’s core data system. He has over a decade of software development experience.

OneGame Wants A Blockchain Virtual World For Gamers

ONeGame is not just another blockchain-powered game that is riding the wave. It is trying to create a virtual world parallel to the existing reality. It is an evolving world, which blurs the line between the real world and virtual realm.

This may sound overwhelming but it can be explained is a simple way. If you have seen the Matrix, it is the vision this game has. The aim is to organize all the game developers globally via the blockchain using the token to encourage everyone to create a new world on the platform. Via it, they will be able to get continuous input via gaming and make the world better until it becomes better than reality.

AI computing is thus a core competitive game on the OneGame platform. On this front, the team is working with the DeepBrain Chain. Via Depp Learning, OneGame will assist users to create new scenes and models. They can continually upgrade the intelligence of the non-players roles via training. This will also be achieved using sequencing of genomics and Genetic Algorithm.

The OneGame Vision Is Quite Grand

The vision for this project is obviously huge. Achieving it will be faced with many obstacles. However, the journey of a thousand miles always starts with a step. The OneGame team hopes to create a sandbox game on the blockchain to begin this first step. The test version will be released between July and August 2018.

When the test version is released, it might be simple but it will be upgraded with time. The team behind this a game admitted they were inspired by Dencentraland. However, they have made upgrades where Decentraland is lacking. This is a truly decentralized game that lets anyone start mining services on the DeepBrain Chain platform via a process that imitates mining. Miners will spend DBC and they will earn OGT while they offer computing and storage to players.

OneGame OGT Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Date: July 20 –August 20
  • Token Symbol: OGT
  • Hard Cap: $15,000,000 USD
  • Soft Cap: None
  • Minimum contribution: 0.2 ETH
  • Token Price: $0.0075
  • Tokens for Sale: 2,000,000,000 OGT

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