OneRoot Network

Since the launch of bitcoin in 2009, the digital coin market has grown to reach a capitalization of over 400 billion USD. However, the blockchain's purpose is not just for digital coins. The technology can be used to drive decentralization. That is exactly what the OneRoot project intends to do. Today, government organizations, private companies, and even average people are researching how the blockchain can be used to revolutionize the future.

Current Situation

Today, centralization is rooted deep into every aspect of society. This makes the current models of economics unable to adapt to the digitization of assets. For one, there are no industry norms that have been established. Besides that, the infrastructure to digitize assets is still lacking.

OneRoot Network RooToken Cryptocurrency Wallet Project Vision

The founders of this project have a vision of creating a new type of digital asset infrastructure that will make it possible to create a shared economy. The ecosystem will achieve consensus with all builders in the digital asset economy. It will make it possible to come up with an open blockchain platform for data. The platform will make it possible for everyone to list his or her digital assets.

The aim of the project is to create a win-win situation for all participants. This project’s main focus will be the digitization of assets, offering information, buying solutions, transaction, and liquidity solutions for those that use it. The result is that it will be easier for outside funds to make their way into the blockchain economy. To achieve this vision, the Foundation plans to set up various solutions that will include creating infrastructure, and an economically driven eco model.

Oneroot Project Team Achievements

The team recently took part in the second blockchain global journey in Changsha. Oneroot team was one of the organizers and they made sure to introduce their win-win concept to attendees.

The Oneroot team realizes that all greatness comes from bravery. For them to realize their goals, they will need to work as a team. The global journey is an activity that aims to educate at least 100 million people about the blockchain technology. The journey plans to spend at least 5 months traversing China. Besides covering about 15 provinces in China, the global journey wants to reach at least 10 countries and regions globally.

OneRoot Network RNT Token ICO Details

The ICO for this project already took place in 2017.

  • Total tokens available: 400,000,000 RNT
  • Tokens in Circulation by January 30: 185,501,579 RNT
  • Start of presale: November 208, 2017
  • Presale amount: 29000 ETH
  • Price at the presale: 1 ETH= 5290 RHT
  • Start of Public Sale: December 5, 2018
  • The amount at public sale: 1000 ETH
  • Price at Public Sale: 1 ETH= 5290 RNT

Distribution Of Tokens

  • Public offering and presale period – 52.5%
  • Early investors, tokens locked up for three months from launch – 7.5%
  • Promotion of project and encouragement, including additional tokens offered during the public sale -15%
  • Community building work organized by the foundation – 22%
  • Held by the project team, locked up for a year – 18%

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