Most online gamblers are on a losing end of a deal as the tables are tilted in the favour of the platforms that offer betting. Few people believe in fair betting and game platforms are the only ones benefiting from the deal. There are many trickery schemes of online casinos which are hard to identify for an uninformed user. There are thousands of people looking for a fair scheme.

One to Two offers a fair betting platform which provides the highest winning percentage.

What Is OneToTwo?

One to Two aims to attract a huge audience of players from around the globe, who have lost time and money in the search of fair play. The project will be implemented using Ethereum blockchain app that guarantees security and anonymity of the players. The platform is designed for making instant bets, for example ½ , ⅓, ¼ , ⅕ . Higher betting amounts will result in higher win probability. The bets are fixed and bound to Ethereum rate.

Players can withdraw funds to their crypto wallets at any time.

OneToTwo Blockchain Gaming Features

  • Fair Betting: Minimum probability of win is 20% and chances of winning the bet can go up to 50%. Winning opportunities increased from 50-200%.
  • Jackpot: Apart from betting, users will be able to take part in jackpot drawing. There are multiple jackpot pools available on the platform.
  • Multilingual platform: One to Two is a multilingual platform for an enhanced global appeal. It is already available in Chinese, English and Russian. They are planning to expand their language support to acquire customers from other countries.
  • No third party interference: All the bets are placed independently without third parties impeding into the system.
  • Blockchain: The transactions and the betting are recorded on blockchain so there is no chance for any contradictions and conflicts. The recorded transactions will be useful in resolving any disagreements.
  • Smart contracts: Ethereum smart contracts ensures that the bets are carried out autonomously without any manual interference.
  • Mobile friendly: Most of the online betting platforms are web only and they miss out potential mobile users. One to Two has developed a mobile application to go along with their web platform.
  • Transparent: The source code of the smart contract is available for everyone to cross-check and scrutinize.

OneToTwo OTT ICO Details

One to Two plans to sell 6 million tokens during the ICO. Their token(OTT) is priced at 0.001 ETH. The ICO will be considered successful if 65% of the tokens are sold. The ICO is conducted to raise funds for product development, advertising and placement on global playgrounds. Investors get 20% discount during pre-sale period.

Income of the platform is 50% of lost bets. So 50% of the bets go to the winners, 20% will go to the investors, 20% will be reserved for project development and 10% goes to Jackpot funds.

OneToTwo Conclusion

Although One to Two team is confident that the platform will attract a huge audience and provide a good return to players and investors, their product doesn’t seem be well defined. Their whitepaper is very superficial which doesn’t explain the technology in details. The team also doesn’t seem to have enough of a valid track record.

You can find more about their product, whitepaper and the ICO on their website

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