Online, found at, aims to change the internet with its OIO token. Find out how it works today in our review.

Online is a decentralized platform that uses a digital asset called the Online token, or OIO.

The OIO token aims to “unleash the internet from ads,” according to the official website, while also eliminating malware and tracking software. The end result is a more enjoyable and secure browsing experience that benefits website operators and end users. It’s a new, improved, and cleaner version of the internet.

A token sale for OIO tokens is taking place from June 15 to July 31, 2018.

What Is Online?

Online’s OIO tokens are ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. These tokens are used to create an advertising-free, tracker-free version of the internet.

Why would website publishers stop displaying ads or tracking users? Well, Online will reward website operators through something called “proof of online”. Proof of online quantifies the amount of time spent by users on each website.

Users will be able to rank each website based on their experience. Users can vote on each website using a system of 1 to 5 stars. Stars are converted based on an algorithmic formula into a “Trust Rating” indicative of each website’s quality.

Website owners who want to eliminate ads can integrate the Online protocol into their site. After integrating the protocol, website owners will begin earning tokens based on the quality time users spend on the website.

Online will also have a second token called the ICE token. Users can transfer their TRUST tokens – which they received for rating websites – into ICE tokens, then transfer ICE tokens into fiat currencies.

The ultimate goal of the Online platform is, according to the official website, “to reinvent the World Wide Web by placing people’s privacy as the top priority thus offering a more non-trackable, malware, and ad free internet.”

Online is not yet ready for public release. The development team is preparing to launch the beta version of the platform in Q3 2018.

How Do Online Tokens Work?

Online will use two tokens, including the OIO token and the ICE token.

Website owners that implement the protocol will need to possess OIO tokens in order to receive ICE tokens. ICE tokens are sent to website owners based on the time spent on their websites by visitors. The OIO tokens, meanwhile, are kept in an Ethereum smart contract.

The ICE token, meanwhile, is mined by website operators or by OIO token holders using proof of stake (PoS). The main purpose of ICE is to facilitate micropayments across the Online platform. Merchants have the option to be paid in ICE with 0% commissions.


online home pageWhat Problems Does Online Seek To Solve?

Online’s whitepaper mentions all of the following problems:

  • Government agencies and large internet companies like Facebook generate enormous profit by tracking every move of users across the internet
  • Today’s websites are filled with advertisements; users are bombarded with ads across the internet
  • Website owners, meanwhile, are forced to display lots of advertisements in order to earn a stable income from their online properties; websites can’t exist without advertising revenue
  • Many advertisements have hidden malware, invasive trackers, or virus-enabling scripts

The Online ICO

The Online ICO for OIO tokens is scheduled to take place from June 15 to July 31, 2018.

Of the total supply of tokens, 70% will be distributed to the OIO community through the crowdsale. The remaining tokens will be reserved for the company (15% of the total supply), marketing and loyalty programs (10%), and partners and advisors (5%).

There’s a maximum supply of 2,500,000,000 OIO tokens. Online has set a soft cap of $5 million USD for the token sale and a hard cap of $50 million.

  • Token Symbol: OIO
  • Token Sale Starts: June 15, 2018
  • Token Sale Ends: July 31, 2018
  • Token Price: 0.04 USD
  • Total Supply: 2.5 Billion
  • Token Standard: ERC 20
  • Soft Cap: 5 Million USD
  • Hard Cap: 50 Million USD

Who’s Behind Online?

Online is led by CEO and Founder A. Iulian Florea. He’s also the founder and CEO of Microleaves, which has grown into the world’s largest proxy network under Florea’s leadership. Today, Microleaves has a network with over 30 million IPs and 20,000 customers worldwide.

Other listed members of the Online executive team include Alexandru Eftimie (Chief Technology Officer), a software engineer with 10+ years of software development experience.

The team is organized under the name Online Blockchain Technologies Ltd.

Online Conclusion

Online aims to revolutionize the internet by creating an ad-free and malware-free browsing experience. Website owners can implement the protocol into their websites, then receive tokens based on the quality time users spend on their websites. Users, meanwhile, can rank websites based on their quality.

The beta for is scheduled to launch in Q3 2018. A token sale, meanwhile, is taking place from June 15 to July 31.

To learn more about the Online protocol and the future goals of the project, check out

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