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Today, government agencies and big internet companies thrive on tracking the internet user’s moves. Websites are also constantly trying to sell internet users something they think the user needs which leads to an irritating and unfriendly browsing experience. Additionally, hidden malware, mining scripts and spammy ads characterize most of the websites.

The advertising sector is an industry that can be impacted by blockchain technology which could be the change needed in this industry since the emergence of social media and smartphones. The advertising industry enjoys a large source of data, and they have focused more on large data. However, recent research has shown that more consumers are unhappy with digital advertising in regard to security, privacy, and intrusive ads formats.

What Is Online OIO?

The platform seeks to make a groundbreaking change by revolutionizing the browsing experience of internet users. This will be achieved by placing people’s privacy as a top priority, which will allow the platform to offer a more tractable, malware and ad-free internet. The platform will use blockchain technology that will be transparent, fully accountable, and highly scalable that will ensure website operators get their ad revenues based on the number of visitors, time spent on their websites, and the interaction of the user with the site. This will make the environment suitable for quality rather than spammy-cash-driven websites.

Online OIO Blockchain Internet Browsing Benefits

  • The bypassing of digital advertisements will lead to an enhanced online experience for the internet user. Web pages will load faster, and the browsing experience will be enjoyable, as there will no more ads and disturbing formats.
  • The platform also offers enhanced protection of consumer data due to the security feature of the blockchain technology that will do away with behavioral and demographic profiling that usually collects data to be used without the consent of the user.
  • Further, since internet users will vote each website in line with their experience, the result will be the ranking of trustworthy websites.

By using the platform, the browsing experience is enhanced for both the website operators and the end users. The user will enjoy a faster, secure, free and private browsing experience while the web developer will keep the website protected from malicious software and bad ads and will get a reward based on the time spent by visitors of the website.

Online OIO Features


The platform will block the tractable techniques that are used to monitor consumers and come up with comprehensive and detailed behavioral profile.


Users will be able to vote for websites, which will create a community of trusted websites.


The platform eliminates spammy ads and malicious software that are distributed by bad actors leading to enhanced website security.

Free Of Ads

Users will be able to visit websites free without paying for any subscription or seeing ads that are intrusive.

Online OIO ICO Details

The platform is created on an Ethereum platform. It uses proof-of-online algorithm that does not need massive hardware. The platform generates the ICE tokens based on the number of visitors on a website.

The ICO is aimed to generate funds to fund the development of the platform. The presale of the OIO tokens will have bonuses in the form of tokens ranging between 5 to 25 percent depending on the value of the investment. The ICO date is yet to be announced.

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