Only1Platform is a global wealth generator and also one of the largest Bitcoin trading platforms in the world, and the world’s first cryptocurrency mining farm using green energy.

The platform already has operation and mining bases in Japan, Dubai, Russia, China, Spain, and England, with those in Japan and Dubai being the largest cryptocurrency mining farms in the world with the technology to mine two digital currency pools linked to a single blockchain simultaneously.

The brains behind Only1Platform believe that the ground-breaking technology that their service uses may be all that the world needs in the near future as the cryptocurrency universe evolves to embrace efficiency, especially when it comes to mining energy sources. The founders foresee a global community that uses a single Bitcoin platform for all kinds of digital transactions.

Why Only1Platform?

  • Only1Platform is on a mission to get every cryptocurrency business and transaction to join them and make the largest cryptocurrency mining and trading platform in the world.
  • The company has discovered new unique and very efficient ways to use solar power to mine cryptocurrency, hence cutting the costs of power and earning its members more profits.
  • Whether you are a beginner to the world of digital currency or a seasoned trader looking for ways to make more money, Only1Platform is ideal because it is a platform where traders and businesses boost each other to make more profits.
  • There is no invitation or referral link to join and every member is guaranteed to get a 100% return on their Bitcoin deposits when they get to the top of the boost train. Simply join and deposit 0.01 BTC to earn 0.02 BTC in return.
  • The best thing about Only1Platform is that it belongs to joined members. This means that it is not under the control of a few individuals or a corporation. Members look out for each other on the platform and the managers have a commitment to ensure that everyone is paid on time.
  • When you get paid, you will receive a free Only1Platform Bitcoin Visa debit card that you can use to spend or withdraw your earnings anywhere in the world.

Once you join Only1Platform, you will need to deposit 0.01 BTC at a time up to 5 times within a 24 hour period to earn 100% profits when each deposit gets to the top of the ‘profit train’.

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