This is a new platform that is running the EOS Super Node. And they are running it in a good way according to the people behind the platform. As of right now, they also claim that they are the world’s largest free, equal value and decentralized network.

How Does ONO Work?

The purpose of the cryptocurrency is apparently capable of helping people get money from the content developed by the network alone. And not only that, but ONO is also a new type of social network is based on blockchain technology.

Any users of the platform, can also take advantage of the new social network that is being built around it as well, also built on blockchain technology. And any users use the platform to share any content of value for free. It’s designed as well to protect the intellectual property of the users. And not only that, but there is premium content on the website that is created to help they receive a matching value-based certificate that can be used as an incentive of types.

Customer care on the platform is said to be superb and 100% consistent. People aren’t looked at as cheap commodities on the website, the user is looked at as ONO’s greatest asset. And that is why they have the very in depth social network that is where people can go to connect with others on the platform.

There is no chance of the platform ever being monopolized either by the commercial companies. And instead there are commercial companies who have no means of taking over and pushing out the little guy. Instead, individuals are protected on the platform and the development is still in the works, being designed to help everyone on the platform succeed at the fastest rate possible, and they also maintain that this aspect will never change.

The social network is designed so that people on the ONO network can ensure they have a voice that is heard. And this in turn will lead to an equal opportunity platform that is one of the leading in development and direction on the ONO network. Every user on the network is said to be able to benefit from the amount of prosperity that is running through it. The ONO network is also used to govern the infrastructure of the social media platform and the cryptocurrency.

And with the open and diverse application ecology, ONO is said to be extremely unique in it’s operations. Through the use of the third-party platform, users can easily install the plugins and other useful softwares as well. ONO also encourages that developers on the platform can participate in creating new plug-ins as well, so they can operate with diversified methods of operation.

What Is The ICO On ONO?

At this time the ICO on the platform hasn’t been announced and it’s highly possible it won’t be because of the open source nature of the platform. The plug in is said to be available free to everyone who wants to use it.

Who Is Behind ONO?

There is a massive team on ONO, complete with advisors who are helping take the platform to the next level. And as far as the CEO, the only name they have on the site is XU.

ONO In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a new social network that is operating in Southeast Asia and free for all, where you can connect with other like minded individuals in the cryptocurrency space, then ONO is the right platform for you.

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  1. Novusphere has already done this and has a working beta, the project has been in progress for 2 years. How do these new projects get exposure and the ones that have been working hard never get a mention ?


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