It is now clear as daylight that the use of blockchain technology has penetrated into virtually every facet of our daily existence. Not only can its use be been seen within the payment, gambng market, but it has also seeped into other spheres our daily life including health care, education, and investments.

Also, it is important to mention that with the advent of the blockchain, investment opportunities have been redefined. Gone are the days when people pitched ideas to a company in front of a boardroom full of investors. Today, via the use of ICO’s, company founders can attract investors from all corners of the globe in a completely digitized fashion.

About OnPlace OPL

OnPlace is a “blockchain-based investment platform”, that is aimed to help customers invest their funds safely into a wide array of private companies in a completely streamlined, hassle free manner. From a business standpoint, we can see that the company has already raised “101% of the earmarked value” via its recent sale event.

At the moment, the company is offering potential investors with unique opportunities to participate in different FinTech investment platforms though the use of:

  • Private investments
  • Traditional equity crowdfunding.

More About the Company

(i) Primary Services:

There are two central platforms that users can avail/ make use of. The primary service has been designed to help offer customers with investment opportunities via the use of “investor pool protection”. It is also important to mention that this platform exclusively looks at markets such as North America, China, and India.

(ii) Varied Investment Opportunities:

To help novice investors make use of OnPlace, the company is offering investment opportunities as low as US$ 500 to its customers. This is in stark contrast to other investment companies that usually employ a minimum threshold of $100,000+.

(iii) Crowdfunding Opportunity:

As mentioned earlier, the company also makes use of a service that enables users to participate in “traditional equity crowdfunding” ventures that can be of much value and benefit for small businesses and startup owners.

What is PATS?

Private Assets Tokenization System (PATS) is an all new governance protocol that has been devised by the folks over at OnPlace. Through the use of this system, investors are able to keep close tabs over the use of their assets.  Additionally, via the implementation of this protocol within the native ecosystem, the platform will be able to alleviate a wide array of difficulties that are commonly observed with classical investment schemes. Some of these issues include:

  • A high input threshold which common investors are not able to meet
  • High transactional costs for processing deals
  • Lack of complete information necessary to assess investment risks and assess potential cost of asset growth.

Who is Behind This Project?

OnPlace is the brainchild of Evgeniy Perikov. He has been in the crypto domain for nearly a decade now, and during this period has invested in a wide array of American and Chinese IT companies. Additionally, Evgeniy has also worked in the transportation sector, and has been a backend developer for a real estate company called Olympstroy. Similarly, Mikhail Gamov

Is the co-founder of this venture. He has a strong financial background, and has previously worked in many firms as a risk assessment expert (primarily in Russia and Europe).

OnPlace OPL ICO Token Details

Only details pertaining to the company’s Presale have been made available to us at this point.  The distribution will start on the 1st of February, and will only make a fixed number of tokens available to users for purchase.

Some of the bonuses that can be availed of by securing tokens during the presale include:

  • First 2 hours of pre-sale or 0 – 4000 ETH.
  • Next 12 hours of pre-sale or 4000 – 8000 ETH.
  • 2nd day of pre-sale or 8000 – 12000 ETH.
  • 3rd day of pre-sale and after or 12000 – 15000 ETH.
  • First 2 hours of pre-sale or 0 – 4000 ETH.
  • Next 12 hours of pre-sale or 4000 – 8000 ETH.
  • 2nd day of pre-sale or 8000 – 12000 ETH.
  • 3rd day of pre-sale and after or 12000 – 15000 ETH.

All of this information is as per the website.

For any further details, customers can get in touch with company officials via email or through a live chat feature.

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