With the rising awareness in the digitalization of every aspect of life, we cannot ignore the role of social media in the Cryptocurrency industry. Nevertheless, primarily social media platforms are made up of a wide range of users, which make it difficult to trace like-minded parties. Onstellar comes to offer solutions to that issue.

What Is Onstellar?

Onstellar is a blockchain enabled social media platform for an enlightened community with Cryptocurrency interest. Here, individuals meet not only for business purposes but also for connection building purposes.

How Onstellar Blockchain Social Media Rewards Work

The site recruits vital content contributors from their contact list and then gets to the Onstellar Bounty program where participants earn ONST tokens for publicizing the platform. The Onstellar platform seeks to bring a rare connection between social media use and Cryptocurrency. Through the platform, users can meet like-minded individuals with interest in Cryptocurrency.

These are people who already know what the world of crypto demands and would like to help others understand better even as they learn from one another. Therefore, through the blockchain technology, the platform offers a transparent marketplace for all its members where they can earn a living, form relationships, interact with experts in the sector and gain unique access to events, services, and products.

Furthermore, the platform expands its use to the global market, which makes it even more favorable in the current times where everything functions via the internet. On the platform, users can post articles and discover those of their interest, upload photos, find and follow one another, comment on posts, go live, engage in instant messaging, create and develop channels, take part in voting activities and create their unique profiles.

Members earn from incentives and help in making decisions concerning trending activities. Individuals gain from the upvotes they receive on their content and get to sell their materials on the ecosystem. There is also an option to maintain their already existing sources of income.

Onstellar ONST Token ICO Details

It seems Onstellar is not having and ICO for their ONST token. Users can purchase ONST tokens using the internal Onstellar exchange. Bitcoin, Ethereum, or BitShares are accepted forms of payment.

Should I Join Onstellar?

As a user on the platform, you gain from fan-appeal where you get to conduct instant product delivery as well as enlist your followers for help whenever necessary. Also, you gain access to a broader global market thus growing your engagement.

Since the platform is available 24/7, you are always online and available to your contacts and those who might need to connect with you. There is also no single control point hence expect no single failure point as well. In other words, users control what goes around in their circle.

Additionally, the delete, block, report and accept/decline connection options, make it easier to maintain a useful and inner product circle that support your ideas. The use of steam as an incentive seems like an excellent choice due to its reputation. However, there exists concerns about the quality of service on this platform as paranormal sciences are known for misinformation.

Also, at $152million, the valuation of the project seems too high at this early stage, making us doubt its validity. The commitment of all team members to the project isn’t verifiable. Thus, we advise you to be cautious.

Onstellar Conclusion

The Onstellar team seems to have functional design expertise and a unique angle of service provision. The roadmap also seems realistic and doable. However, that doesn’t guarantee the success of the ICO as there are no verified team member commitment records.

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