Ontology Network & Contentos Partner For Blockchain Content Industry

Though blockchain technology original helped the crypto world to become more transparent and secure, it is also helpful to consumers that want to expand other industries. Recently, Ontology decided to collaborate with an ecosystem that thrives on developing and sharing content – Contentos. This allows both parties to expand their knowledge and application of blockchain, community building, and overall development for both sides of the industry.

Ontology has clearly defined their intentions to use crypto to give content a monetary value, while allowing Contentos to expand their development with blockchain technology. The two companies plan to work together on multiple projects, along with their own brands.

The first project that is in progress is being called “Multiple Blockchain Solution Initiatives.” This project is meant to bring digital content to the physical world, which would help multiple areas of the industry to have access to documents and other materials as needed. To make this idea into a reality, Ontology has two strategies – to create a connection between the physical businesses involved in distributed digital technology, and to provide this service to other industries as well.

Even though many of the projects are headed up by Ontology, they aren’t the only ones that have details on the blockchain. Due to the need to offer content on the public chain, along with plenty of other incentives, Contentos has a large amount of information about the technical use of the blockchain with their content.

The second project they have planned is called “Broad Cooperation in Blockchain Development,” which will decentralize the concept of developing content. It basically brings to a modernized way of adding to the blockchain, while competing with other developers that want to take over.

To further explain the partnership, the founder of Ontology took to their Medium page with this statement:

“Cross-border integration is an important trend for the future of blockchain. Our cooperation with Contentos is in line with Ontology’s real economy strategy and will develop Ontology’s standing in the distributed digital content industry. We look forward to building the distributed trust ecosystem with Contentos.”

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