Ontology (ONT) Introduces Triones Seed Node Recruitment Plan

Ontology is a project that that is publicly offered with blockchain technology along a distributed trust platform. On June 2nd, the company announced their intention to host the Triones seed node recruitment plan, along with the rules that the project must abide by.

The recruitment is now open for the first round of the seed nodes. The recruitment will be running for the next six weeks until July 16th, when the candidates for the cycle will be announced.

The participants that qualify will first receive ONG tokens from the use of the network, which includes fees for the network, storage, smart contracts, and additional services. Their role is to enlist the participation of other investors with the nodes. As an incentive, participants are eligible for another 1% ONG each year, which is awarded through the community incentive allocation.

The eligible candidates chosen will include technology enthusiasts, but will also include groups like communities and professional organizations. Essentially, these candidates will be responsible for developing the ecosystem in a trustworthy way.

There are certain conditions for entry for which potential candidates must abide. Those conditions include:

  • That each seed node candidate must hold a 100,000 ONT contribution.
  • That they have to have certain software and hardware specifications for their network.
  • That they must complete the entire application.
  • That they must agree to ONT ID trust certification.

In a statement from Jun Li, who is responsible for founding Ontology, he said:

“The Triones Consensus System governance takes into account fairness, performance, and distribution. Users of different sizes can participate in the governance model through different forms and methods. The research into public blockchain governance is a continuous and dynamic process, and Ontology sincerely welcomes community feedback and suggestions. We will also continue to summarize experience from our practice, and world towards optimization of public chain governance and the realization of its values.”

With the goal in mind of creating an ecosystem that thrives on its open-source and collaborative distributed trust technology, the Triones Consensus System will play its role as the chain network. Within this system, the candidates can participate in expansion support that helps world towards a model that is balanced and easily used.

Anyone that wants to participate in the recruitment will need to register through Ontology’s official website ont.io/. For information on joining the Co-Builder Plan, Ontology can be reached by sending an email to [email protected]

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